[WATCH] Tamar Braxton Channels Her Inner Janet Jackson on Dancing With The StarsΒ 

It’s safe to say that Tamar Braxton is killing it on Dancing With The Stars. Her performance of Janet Jackson’s iconic Rhythm Nation video choreography is proof of that! She nailed all the steps and even added in a little lip syncing to boot! Check out Tamar’s moves below:

I honestly don’t know how Tamar does it she has like six million jobs: DWTS, The Real, promoting a new album Calling All Lovers, reality star, clothing designer, wife, and mother. She has a lot on her plate.
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[WATCH] Power Season 2 Trailer


I know I am not the only one who was glued to the television when the Starz’s original series was on! Last season left us wondering what the hell was going to happen to Ghost, Angela(Mistress), Tasha(Wife), and Tommy.

Ghost seemingly lost it all at then end of season one, and it also left us wondering what Kanan(50 Cent) has up his sleeve after being released from prison. I can not wait until this summer to see what happens. Can Ghost get back on top? Will he end the affair with Angela? Will his friendship with Tommy end? Will Kanan come out on top? Until then I guess the first look for season 2 below will have to hold us over.

Check It Out:

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