Tracklisting:Jeezy-‘Church In These Streets’


Jeezy has finally blesssd his congregation with the tracklisting for his highly anticipated album, Church In These Streets, due on November 13. Jeezy has been doing a weekly Sunday School of sorts with his #SundayService series to heightened the anticipation of the congregation for the new album.

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Miguel Reveals Tracklisting For ‘Wildheart’ Album 


Miguel has revealed the tracklisting for his third album titled Wildheart. Hot off the heels of the first single, Coffee(F*cking) which he released last month. Miguel brings us 13 songs and guest appearances from Lenny Kravitz and Kurrupt. 

I like the first offering from the album so I am interested to see what he is bringing this time around. I enjoyed his first two albums and also his EP. We gon see what he is talmabout. Hopefully he doesn’t decide to Mortal Kombat Fatality anyone else during live performances this time around.

Check out the tracklisting below:

1. “A Beautiful Exit”

2. “Exit”

3. “The Valley”

4. “Coffee”

5. “NWA” feat. Kurupt

6. “Waves”

7. “What’s Normal Anyway”

8. “Hollywood Dreams”

9. “Destinado a Morir”

10. “…goingtohell”

11. “Flesh”

12. “Leaves”

13. “Face the Sun” feat. Lenny Kravitz

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Onika AKA Nicki Minaj has unveiled the tracklisting for her third album, The Pinkprint. She has a lot to prove with this album especially since she named it the Pinkprint following in the footsteps of Jay-Z and KRS-One(The Blueprint). I have to say that I was not impressed with Pills and Potions and Anaconda, but I do like Only, let’s hope the rest of the album is more impressive.

The album has 19 tracks, all I can is wow that is a lot of songs! Hopefully they aren’t just filler tracks. The album has guest appearance from Ariana Grande, Beyoncé,Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Jeremih, Meek Mill, Lunchmoney Lewis, and Skylar Grey. That is a lot of guest appearances, which makes it seem like Nicki can’t hold down an album on her own. We shall see what Nicki is talmabout when the album drops December 15. Until then check out the tracklisting below:

1. “All Things Go”
2. “I Lied”
3. “The Crying Game”
4. “Get on Your Knees” feat. Ariana Grande
5. “Feeling Myself” feat. Beyoncé
6. “Only” feat. Drake, Lil Wayne, and Chris Brown
7. “Want Some More”
8. “Four Door Aventador”
9. “Favorite” feat. Jeremih
10. “Buy a Heart” feat. Meek Mill
11. “Trini Dem Girls” feat. Lunchmoney Lewis
12. “Anaconda”
13. “The Night Is Still Young”
14. “Pills and Potions”
15. “Bed of Lies” feat. Skylar Grey
16. “Grand Piano”
17. “Big Daddy” feat. Meek Mill
18. “Shanghai”
19. “Win Again”

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J. Cole Unveils Tracklisting For 2014 Forest Hills Drive


Jermaine Cole AKA J. Cole has unveiled the tracklisting for his upcoming album, 2014 Forest Hill Drive. This is the follow-up to his critically acclaimed Born Sinner.  This will be Cole’s third album, he survived the sophomore jinx, so let hope this album is just as good or better than his second album. The new album features 13 tracks and the title is a reference to his childhood home in North Carolina. The album is scheduled for release on Dec 9. He seems to be following in Beyoncé’s steps and not releasing any singles before the album release date. I am thinking he wants his fans to experience the album as an entire body of work, which I can respect if it is good body of work. With Cole I am not worried.

You can pre-order the album on iTunes until then check out the tracklisting below:

1. “Intro”
2. “January 28th”
3. “Wet Dreamz”
4. “’03 Adolescence”
5. “A Tale of 2 Citiez”
6. “Fire Squad”
7. “St. Tropez”
8. “G.O.M.D.”
9. “No Role Modelz”
10. “Hello”
11. “Apparently”
12. “Love Yourz”
13. “Note to Self”



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Jagged Edge Previews New a Album “JE Heartbreak II” Reveal Release Date & Tracklisting In Atlanta



If you didn’t already know Jagged Edge is planning to release the sequel to their classic J.E. Heartbreak album, titled J.E. Heartbreak II. Now you all know how I feel about part II’s to classic albums, sometimes well enough should be left alone, but hey what do I know? I liked the first two songs, Ready & Hope, so I anxious to hear what this new album is offering. Jagged Edge is group that sticks to the rivers and lakes that they are used to where their sound is concerned, and this has worked for them.

Jagged Edge had a listening party in the Microsoft(knock off Apple Store) in Perimeter Mall here in Atlanta. They went through the album track by track. The evening culminated with the guys showing their gaming skills off playing Undisputed 3 on XBox 360. Bobby Valentino, Brian Micheal Cox, Michael Mauldin and Dondria were all in attendance.

Check out the tracklisting below

J.E. Heartbreak II Tracklist:

01. JE Intro
02. Future
03. Familiar
04. Hope
05. Things I Do for You
06. Love Come Down
07. It’s Been You
08. Romeo
09. Getting Over You
10. Ready
11. Make It Clear
12. No Half Steppin’

Be on the lookout for the album on October 27

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Trackisting: J Hud-Jennifer Hudson


Jennifer Hudson’s has given us the tracklisting for her third album, J Hud. The album features the Pharrell produced I Can’t Describe featuring T.I. which I enjoyed and also the Timbaland produced Walk It Out, which is also my shit. Both songs are solid singles.

Her other song Dangerous is starting to grow on me as well. I am a little worried about this albums on the last two album Jennifer kind of seemed like she was struggling to find her sound and if, It’s Your World, which she performed on the BET Awards is any indication of where the album is going then I am NOT HERE for it. The Donna Summers for 2014 didn’t move me AT ALL! Let’s hope this album is cohesive. I hope and pray Jennifer has found her sound with this third offering.

JHUD Tracklisting

1. “Dangerous”
2. “It’s Your World” (feat. R. Kelly)
3. “He Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere” (feat. Iggy Azalea)
4. “Walk It Out” (feat. Timbaland)
5. “I Can’t Describe (The Way I Feel)” (feat. T.I.)
6. “I Still Love You”
7. “Just That Type of Girl”
8. “Bring Back the Music”
9. “Say It”
10. “Moan”

The album is scheduled for release on September 23

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R Kelly Unveils Tracklist For Black Panties

There are going to be a lot of girls wit black panties on, on the dance floor(shout out Black Jesus from the EBT BET Uncut days) when the King of R&B, R Kelly, drops his new album Black Panties, on Dec 10.

It’s seems Robert is back to his old 12 Play self with this release. Some of these song titles leave nothing to the imagination, but I expect nothing less from Robert, he was the one who kept telling that girl, “It seems like your ready…I could have sworn you were ready.”

I wasn’t a fan of My Story, so hopefully this album will have better offerings than than that.

Check Out The Tracklist Below:

1. “Legs Shakin’” feat. Ludacris
2. “Cookie”
3. “Throw This Money on You”
4. “Interlude”
5. “Marry the Pussy”
6. “You Deserve Better”
7. “Genius”
8. “All the Way” feat. Kelly Rowland
9. “My Story” feat. 2 Chainz
10. “Right Back”
11. “Spend That” feat. Jeezy
12. “Crazy Sex”
13. “Shut Up”

14. “Tear It Up” feat. Future
15. “Show Ya Pussy” feat.Migos and Juicy J
16. “Every Position”

Check out of snippet of Leg Shakin featuring Ludacris

Will you be picking up Black Panties?


Eminem Reveals Tracklist For MMLP2


As anticipation builds for Eminem’s new album, The Marshall Mathers LP2, he has released the tracklisting. It touts some superstar cameos( Kendrick Lamar, Rihanna, and Skylar Grey).

Check out the full 16-song tracklist for MMLP2 the rapper’s first album since 2010’s Billboard 200-topping Recovery below:

1. “Bad Guy”

2. “Parking Lot” (skit)

3. “Rhyme or Reason”

4. “So Much Better”

5. “Survival”

6. “Legacy”

7. “Asshole” feat. Skylar Grey

8. “Berzerk”

9. “Rap God”

10. “Brainless”

11. “Stronger Than I Was”

12. “Monster” feat. Rihanna

13. “So Far…”

14. “Love Game” feat. Kendrick Lamar

15. “Headlights” feat. Nate Ruess

16. “Evil Twin”


Are you guys as hype about this album as I am! Detroit What!




Tracklisting For Jay-Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail Revealed


Ever since Jay-Z killed Kanye’s Yeezus buzz with a 3 minute Samsung commercial(Yes completely steam rolled over it!!) Everyone has been wondering what HOV has in store for his loyal Roc Nation with his 12th studio album(Yes you read right,12th studio album!) Well wait no more! Hov’s camp revealed the tracklisting today.

Mr. Carter is keeping the features and production under lock and key. Although it’s safe to say all the producers featured in the commercial had some part in the production of the album. To say Jay-Z is smart is an understatement!

He is a f*cking genius! Releasing his album via Samsung’s Magna Carta app to 1 million people before the album is available to the general public on July 4 is f*cking amazing marketing! Then add a summer tour with Justin Timberlake on top of that, it just keeps getting better! Oh and Billboard he doesn’t even need you to count that first million albums it’s nuthin!

Anyone who knows me personally knows I am a Jay-Z Stan! I have been rocking with him since Reasonable Doubt. I can not wait until July 4! If I did not feel like it was taking a step backward, I would get a Android based phone(shade) just to download the app to get the album.

Check out the tracklisting below:

1. Picasso Baby
2. Heaven
3. Versus
4. Tom Ford
5. Beach Is Better
6. FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt
7. Oceans
8. F.U.T.W.
09. Part II (On The Run)
10. BBC
11. La Familia
12. Jay-Z Blue
13. Nickles & Dimes
14. Holy Grail (Bonus Track)
15. Open Letter (Bonus Track)

Magna Carta Holy Grail drops July 4

I won’t even bother asking if you will be getting the album because you would be a damn fool not to!