When The Beyhive Attacks: Chilli(TLC) Edition


Well its seems that Chilli was in need of some attention after all the fanfare for that TLC movie came and went. What better way to get that attention you ask? Make a comment about The Queen Bey!

The TLC star pissed off the Beyhive when she posted a list of forbidden fads and phrases in the new year. The most controversial please-leave-in-2013 “saying” went to “Bey, ‘B,’ Queen B, or any variation or form of the world Beyonce.”

She had to know this was going to happen the BeyHive is not to be tangled with, have we learned nothing from Keri Hilson and Keyshia Cole. Of course Rozonda has since deleted the tweet and posted the message below:


Let the dragging commence! Check out some of the hilarious responses to her tweet.

I think @dustinrosssaid’s Revine pretty much sums up the sentiments of the Beyhive

Whut say you?

(Disclaimer: Beyoncé slander is not allowed at http://www.waitwaitwhut.com)



When Twitter Goes Horribly Wrong-R. Kelly Edition


If you didn’t know R. Kelly’s new album, Black Panties, dropped today. In honor of that R. Kelly took to his Twitter to try to engage with his fans and started a #askRKelly hashtag, and lets just say things didn’t work out in his favor.  A boy child ain’t safe out here in these Twitter streets. Check out some of the hilarious questions below. I am crying laughing over here.

Robert did you really think this was good idea? You had to know this was going to happen. For more search #askRKelly on Twitter

Whut say you?

Hood Mice Antics: Kirk Frost’s Jump Off, Mary Jane, Responds To Backlash


On Monday’s episode of Love and Hip Atlanta(Ratchetpiece Theater), Rasheeda’s husband Kirk Frost caused quite an uproar with fans of the show when he sunk to a new low, turning his all male weekend getaway with Benzino into a “hood mice” party.

Kirk, who is married was filmed in a hot tub with scantily “hood mice” and was also filmed going into a room with said “hood mice”

Welp! leave it to “Black Twitter” to track down one of the “hood mice,” Alexis AKA Mary Jane. “Black Twitter” grabbed her by her Remy, and didn’t let go!

Check out her mentions below:




All in response to this tweet:


I guess she didn’t listen when NeNe said, “Close your legs to married men!” Not only did she “allegedly” fool around with Kirk, she “allegedly” has a rep for fooling around with married men in ATL.

Kirk is not free from blame either. It’s really f*cked up that he is treating Rasheeda like this after 15 years of marriage. I was done wit him after he tried to make it seem as if Rasheeda got pregnant by immaculate conception or some sh*t!! Like he didn’t splash up inside her!

Nicki Minaj said it best when she said, “It’s levels to this shit!”

I honestly believe this is all for TV and a check! Rasheeda and Kirk, knew their storyline was snooze fest last season, so they needed to amp up the drama so Mona would not give them their walking papers. I am interested to see how this plays out.

Check out “The Hood Mouse” AKA Mary Jane rationalizing her bullsh*t on V103’s Big Tigger Show HERE

What are your thoughts?


U.O.E.N.O Africa Was Is Continent: Rick Ross Calls Africa A Country


So apparently on Twitter yesterday Rick “Tit-Tay” Ross landed in Africa, and tweeted the above tweet(*blank stare*) This right here is what I like to call Twitter gold, and Black Twitter did not disappoint they dragged Ross up and down his timeline by his left “tit-tay”

I guess I can’t be too upset, this is the man who didn’t know that when you drug a female, and have sex with her it’s considered rape.

I guess common sense isn’t…smh