Throwback Tuesday: Sitting Home-Total[VIDEO]

Kinfolk! The Throwback Tuesday song is Sitting Home by Total. The song comes from their second album ‘Kima, Kiesha& Pam’ released in 1998. This was one my favorite songs from that album although the album had many other gems that went overlooked due to the lack of promotion. Continue reading


[LISTEN]Throwback Tuesday-Creep Inn-Ideal 

Kinfolk it’s Tuesday and the Throwback Tuesday is Creep Inn by Ideal. Ideal debuted in 1999 and is composed of brothers Maverick Cotton and Swab, their cousin PZ and high school friend J-Dante. The group is best known for its hit songs “Get Gone” and “Whatever.”

Creep Inn samples This Place Hotel by the Jackson’s and is one of my favorite songs by the group. Check it out below:

Whut say you?

[LISTEN]Throwback Thursday: 5-Step- Dru Hill

So…as I am going through my Spotify trying to find my selection for the Throwback Thursday and 5 Steps by Dru Hill decided to jump out and hit “The Quan”on my speakers. Y’all can act like Dru Hill didn’t have hits for days in the 90’s. 

Sisqó, Jazz, Nokio, and Woody(original members, I don’t f*ck wit those other stranger ass members) held us down in the 90’s. Even solo Sisqó had a run. How many remember every male signing group in high school performing 5 Steps at the pep rallys or talent shows. Dru Hill is from an era of R&B, where you actually had to be able to sing. Check it out below:

Whut say you?

[LISTEN] Throwback Thursday-Get It Together-702 


Kinfolk I had to dig deep into the crates for this one here! The Throwback Thursday song is Get It Together by 702. This song right here is and will always be my shit! 

Kameelah sang her GOTDAMN face off! Oh and the other girls too lol! This song made you want to get your shit together! Even if weren’t having relationship issues. We need more girl groups they are virtually nonexistent since Danity Kane couldn’t work it out! Ah well I guess I’ll just reminisce. Check it out below:

[LISTEN] Throwback Tuesday: Gotta Man-Eve

Kinfolk in honor of Eve’s Burfday, the Throwback Tuesday song is Gotta Man. The song is pulled from Eve’s debut album, Let There Be Eve Ruff Ryder’s First Lady, released September 14, 1999. Eve hit the scene at a time when each record label/crew had a First Lady.

The self proclaimed “pit bull in a skirt” held her own on male dominated Ruff Ryder’s Record with the likes of DMX and The Lox. This song used to be my shit, and the album was also good also. Take a trip to down memory lane to the golden era of female rap.

Whut say you? 

[Photo Credit: IG: @therealeve]

[LISTEN] Throwback Tuesday: 4Ever- Lil’ Mo Featuring Fabolous

hqdefaultKinfolk y’all can act like Lil’ Mo and Fabolous didn’t hold y’all down for several summer. Lil’ Mo was the reigning hook singing queen and Fabolous is so underrated it just doesn’t make sense. Your song wasn’t shit if Lil’ Mo wasn’t on the hook. The Throwback Tuesday song is 4Ever by Lil Mo’ featuring Fabolous. Continue reading

[LISTEN]Throwback Thursday-Crazy Feelings-Missy Elliott Featuring Beyoncé

The Throwback Thursday song is Crazy Feelings by Missy Elliott featuring Beyoncé. The song comes from Missy’s 1999 album Da Real World. The song is one of the lesser known songs from that album, but it is one of those hidden gems.

 Missy and Bey shine on this song. This is one of my favorite songs from the album, when these two collaborate you can expect magic! I really hope they work together again in the future.

Check out Crazy Feelings:

Whut say you?

[LISTEN] Throwback Tuesday: Somebody For Me- Heavy D & The Boyz


The Throwback Tuesday song is Somebody For Me by Heavy D The Boyz featuring Al B. Sure!. The song was on Big Tyme released in 1989 on Uptown. This was a great time in music, this song brings back so many memories. One memory in particular is the episode of A Different World, where Heavy D. played Kadeem Hardison’s(Dewayne Wayne) childhood friend. This song comes from an era of music when it was about having fun and enjoying yourself without all the extra shit. Go ahead and take a listen/listen and see what memories come to mind after listening to this song.

R.I.Paradise Heavy D

Check it out below:

A Different World

Whut say you?

[LISTEN] Throwback Tuesday-Summer Rain- Carl Thomas


The Throwback Tuesday song is Summer Rain by Carl Thomas. The song comes from Carl’s debut album, Emotional. I really can’t be responsible for what I do when this song comes. You can expect me to sing at the top of my lungs in full voice and not give a damn what people in other care think! Emotional was a phenomenal album, I can still listen to that album from top to bottom without skipping a track. Carl is said to be releasing a new album in the future. I am interested to see what it will sound like. Until then check out Summer Rain below.

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[LISTEN]Throwback Thursday-Ice Cream-Raekwon

The Throwback Thursday song is Ice Cream  by Raekwon. The song comes from the Rae’s classic debut album Only Built 4 Cuban Links. This is one of my favorite song from the album. Ghostface Killah and Method Man only added to the greatness of this song. The video used to play hourly on Jukebox. This came from the golden era of hip hop.

Check it out below:

Whut say you?