Whut To Read!?!: Queen Sugar[Review]


Kinfolk! I am back again with another book!

So I am watching Mama O’s (Oprah) Own Network, and I see a commercial for a new series produced by Ava DuVernay and OprahΒ titled ‘Queen Sugar’. At the time I didn’t know the series was based on a novel, but of course I set my DVR toΒ record it, because with the Ava and Oprah at the helm you can’t go wrong! When I discovered that series was based upon a book written by Natalie Baszile I figured why not read the book. I could compare and contrast the series with the book to see what they changed or left the same. Continue reading


Whut To Read!?!:Epiphany Forgive Me Lord For I Have Sinned[Review]

Kinfolk one of my New Years resolutions was to read to more. I must say that I have held true to that resolution. One of the first books I read this year was Andre’a T. Robinson’s debut novel, ‘Epiphany Forgive Me Lord For I Have Sinned’.

The book tells the story of Skylar, a beautiful and quiet natured girl who falls in love with CJ, a guy she thought was her one true love. Her fairytale lifeΒ soon turns into a nightmare and Skylar must endure years of domestic abuse(verbal and physical). Continue reading

Whut To Read!?!: Epiphany, Forgive Me Lord For I Have Sinned-Andre’a T. Robinson

Kinfolk I am always HERE good book and when I learned a friend of mine was writing a book I was ecstatic to say the least! I love to see people pursuing their dreams. The book is titled Epiphany, Forgive Me Lord For I Have Sinned by Andre’a T. Robinson. Here is some background on Ms. Robinson:  Continue reading