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Concert Review: Magna Carta Holy Grail World Tour(Atlanta Show)-Jay-Z



Jay-Z and The Roc Boys converged upon Atlanta, GA on December 27. Now if you follow this blog or know me personally then you know that Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter is my favorite rapper. So it should come as no surprise that I attended this concert. When the dates were announced I already had my money ready to purchase a ticket. I must say that my seat was awesome! Floor seats are necessary for certain artists(Jay-Z, Bey, and MJB).

So…showtime was at 8:00 PM according to my ticket, but the concert did not start at that time. This is where Jay-Z and his wife differ. When Bey says the concert starts at a certain time, you can bet your bottom dollar it is going to start at that time, come hell or high water. So I will say that Jay-Z may want to consider an opening act for future tours if he doesn’t plan to start on time. This was an issue I had at the Watch The Throne concert Yeezy and Jay just kinda appeared on stage. But anyway I want to say Jay hit the stage at 9:30-9:45 PM. The stage set up wasn’t elaborate, but it was fitting for Jay. The imagery and lighting were all fitting.  Jay came out and ran through songs from the new album, and all his hits. I had completely forgot that Timbaland was on tour with Jay until he introduced him.

At one point in the concert Jay went to go change clothes, and left Timbaland on stage for what we’ll call an intermission. Timbaland was suppose to keep the crowd warmed up, but lets just say his intermission set needs work! He played a few of his classics and a song off his new album *yawns*  ATL wasn’t moved by his set, but hey I didn’t come to see him anyway. So Jay comes back out and runs through PSA, FuckWitMeYouKnowIGotIt, and other hits.

The shinning moment of the concert was when he went back and performed Dead Presidents and Can I Live, from his classic Reasonable Doubt album. If your not a die hard Jay-Z fan, then this part of the concert would have went over your head, but not me I was right there reciting every word #FanSinceDay1. Check out the clips below.

Dead Presidents


Can I Live


When he performed these songs, you could see the transformation from Reasonable Doubt to Magna Carta Holy Grail. Those were great moments. So after performing a few more songs, Jay says, “Peace and love, thank ya’ll for coming out,” and exits the stage. Now I am thinking to myself I know GOOD and GOTDAMN well this concert is not over! Especially after starting late! So I should have known this was a ploy to get the audience to chant “Hova” and of course we did! Of course Jay came back out and performed “Encore” and this was the point in the concert where my iPhone battery struggle takes over and my phones goes dead!(Should have bought that Mophie!). Anyway Jay runs through more of his catalog, and then come straight from the book of Bey, when he starts acknowledging fans in the audience and putting them on the monitor, and showing love. This was classic Bey right here, but it worked. He even gave his band “The Roc Boys” shine at the end of the concert he allowed the pianist, guitarist, and drummer time to shine. He thanked the audience and conveyed his love for his fans. He closed the show with Forever Young.

All in all it was great experience and great concert, Jay-Z always gives a good show, I can only think of one time I was disappointed with Jay-Z about a concert, and that was the time he didn’t show up for a concert in Detroit, but I forgave him. Check out the other clips I caught before iPhone battery struggle took over.

Holy Grail


99 Problems




Blow The Whistle


Final Rating 5/5


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