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Concert Review: “On The Run”-The Carters




BeyHive & Roc Boys Rejoice!

The Carters converged upon Atlanta, GA on July 15, 2013 at the Georgia Dome and we were not worthy! Before I get into the concert review let me tell you how good God is, and how the Creole God’s smiled down upon me! So…Ticketmaster/Georgia Dome sends me an email 2 days prior to the concert alerting me that the seating configuration on the floor had changed! SO YOU ALREADY KNOW *Big Freedia Voice* I was like, the f*ck!?! I really didn’t want to have a misunderstanding at the GA Dome. So the day of the concert arrives, I am freshly shaved and have on my best sh*t. I am ready to go see the greatness that is The Carters. The news had cautioned everyone to use MARTA to go the concert because traffic and parking was going to be a hot ass mess. I have never taken the MARTA in my 5 yrs in Atlanta( I know, I know, I know), but I swiftly downloaded the MARTA On The Go App from the Apple Store so I could figure this shit out. Surprisingly it wasn’t as complicated as I first thought, and actually was much easier than trying to find parking downtown, and I will be using it again. When I tell you MARTA got their damn money on Tuesday night I think everyone opted to use the MARTA, the platform and trains were packed.

So I arrive at the GA Dome and I am directed to Gate A because I had a floor seat. So I get through security and I am directed to a table where they are passing out pink bracelets for people with floor seats. This was unorganized chaos, and I was getting rather annoyed with the GA Dome staff. I finally get my bracelet and I head for the stairs to get to the floor seats, and I stopped by an employee and I was informed that their was only one entrance to the floor seats *side-eye* at this point the devil is busy, and I trying not to let him steal my joy! So I walk over to the “only” floor entrance, which was on the other side of the venue *side-eye* I finally get onto the floor and I am looking for my seats, and I can’t find it *side-eye* so I ask an employee working the floor where my seat is? She indicates that my seat doesn’t exist and I have been given a better seat *does a back flip into the cabbage patch dance*


She directs me to a table to pick up my new tickets. Originally my seat was Section D Row 24 which was a good seat, but my new seat was Section D Row 7! Look at God!! #wonthedoit.  So I head to my seat and I am one section from the stage! * Diddy Bops*

So…after all the chaos I am finally seated and ready for the greatness that The Carters are about bestow upon me. At 8:50 PM the light are lowered and then lowered again at 8:55 pm, and like clock work at 9:00 PM the light go off and a visually stunning video comes on the screen similar to the ON THE RUN trailer and then it happens! The Carters make their grand entrance onto the stage Jay-Z in black pants/blazer/ and t-shirt & Queen Bey in a black ensemble with her face covered in a lace ski mask! At this point I am losing my mind! All leading up the show I purposely did not watch any concert footage or look at any pictures so I could be in awe at the concert, and I was just that when they hit the stage. The opened show with 03 Bonnie & Clyde, which fit right in with the theme of the tour.

The Caters came ready to play! I won’t go into detail about each song that was performed during the concert, but what I will do is say that production was well put together. When the tour was first announced I was curious as to how they were going to transition between Bey and Jay. When I previously saw Jay-Z in concert with Mary J. Blige they kind of went back and forth where performances were concerned. The transitions between Jay and Bey were seamless, and they mixed Jay’s music in with Bey’s to make the transitions very smooth. The video interludes were visually stunning, Bey’s wardrobe was awesome, Jay’s wardrobe was awesome as well. The Carters performed something like 41 songs during the show, which adds up to like almost 3 hrs of performance impressive!

Check out the set list below:

  1. “’03 Bonnie & Clyde”
  2. “Upgrade U”
  3. “Crazy in Love”
  4. “Show Me What You Got”
  5. “Diamond Is Forever”
  6. “Niggas in Paris”
  7. “Tom Ford”
  8. “Run the World (Girls)”
  9. “Flawless”
  10. “Yoncé”
  11. “Jigga My Nigga”
  12. “Dirt off Your Shoulder”
  13. “Naughty Girl”
  14. “Big Pimpin'”
  15. “Ring the Alarm”
  16. “On to the Next One”
  17. “Clique”
  18. “Diva”
  19. “Baby Boy”
  20. “U Don’t Know”
  21. “Ghost” / “Haunted”
  22. “No Church in the Wild”
  23. “Drunk in Love”
  24. “Public Service Announcement”
  25. “Why Don’t You Love Me”
  26. “Holy Grail”
  27. “FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt”
  28. “Beach Is Better”
  29. “Partition”
  30. “99 Problems”
  31. “If I Were a Boy”
  32. “Ex-Factor”
  33. “Song Cry”
  34. “Resentment”
  35. “Love on Top”
  36. “Izzo (H.O.V.A.)”
  37. “I Just Wanna Love U (Give It 2 Me)”
  38. “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)”
  39. “Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem)”
  40. “Pretty Hurts”
  41. “Part II (On the Run)”
  42. “Young Forever”
  43. “Halo”

The set list was set up in such a way that it told a story, leading many speculate that divorce is on the horizon for The Carters, NOT SO! this is entertainment folks. The Carters are strategic and I wouldn’t be surprised if SolangeGate was all apart of the promotion for this tour.  It clearly worked because the GA Dome was sold out, putting to bed all those rumors of low ticket sales. THE F*CK OUTTA HERE!

My favorite moments of the show were when Bey performed Lauryn Hill’s classic song, Ex Factor, which lead into Jay performing Song Cry, which lead into Bey performing Resentment. I was on my feet for the entire concert and I was trying to figure out why people were sitting down during portions of the concert. The Carters gave me everything I needed and more, and it was money well spent for the ticket. I don’t mind paying top dollar for concert tickets if I know the performer is going to give me my money’s worth. The Carters did just that. The most touching moment of the concert was the video montage with Blue Ivy, The Carters know how to tug at your heart strings. I was able to get video and photos of some the concert, which you can check out below, but of course my trusty iPhone 5 went dead mid concert, Apple doesn’t want me to be great!

Check out the videos(in no particular order) I was able to capture and take a look at the photo gallery below(in no particular order):

The concert was truly amazing, and if you didn’t get a ticket no worries, The Carters will be coming to TV near you when they televise the concert on HBO! I was thoroughly entertained!


Final Rating: You Already Know! *Big Freedia voice* 5/5

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