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Concert Review+Video: Mrs. Carter Show (Atlanta Show)





Queen Bey and The Creole Gods converged upon Atlanta this past weekend, and how can I put it? Hell let me just put it! Queen Bey showed the entire f*ck out!

Luke James was the opening act for the show, I didn’t quite make it the arena to see his entire set, but I did see him perform “I.O.U” and “I Want You”. He did a great job with those, and he is an artist to watch. Be on the lookout for his forthcoming album ‘Made To Love”

Now on the main attraction, Queen Bey, now I didn’t get to sit as close as I have at previous Bey concerts, but sh*t any seat is good seat as long as you’re in the presence of the greatness that is her Bey!  I would have sat in the nosebleed above nosebleed section to see her.  I don’t mind spending my hard earned coins on B because I know that she is going to give me a show, and that is just what the f*ck she did! The opening video before she stormed the stage had my mouth on the floor, it was f*cking amazing! As a matter of fact all the videos, lighting, and animations were shitting on your favorite. Lessers sit down!

Bey gave you wind machine, costumes, vocals, choreography, and then she Super-manned your favorite and flew across the arena, and gave you even more! The band was awesome, the dancers were awesome, the Mama’s sang, it was all awesome! I wish she would have done a bigger arena, but hey I will take it. I enjoyed myself. At one point in the show Bey was letting audience sing Irreplacable, and this little boy was so busy taking pictures, he almost missed his chance(check out Bey’s sense of humor in the video below).

I was happy I was able to say Hey Ms. Carter! Because it wasn’t looking too good where tickets were concerned thanks Stub Hub your the best!


Check out a few clips I was able to catch:









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