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Concert Review/With Videos: Love & War Tour-Tamar Braxton [**UPDATED BETTER QUALITY VIDEO**]




Tamartians Rejoice!

She! Me! Her! AKA Slaymar AKA Tamar & The Love & War Tour converged upon Atlanta last night at the Tabernacle. Tamar has to be one the hardest working women in the industry right now. First she toured with John Legend, then R Kelly, and now she is headlining her own tour. Tamar is successfully balancing marriage, motherhood, and career. So let’s go ahead and get into this review!

So…the concert was supposed to start at 7:30 PM, and we have learned from attending numerous other concerts, that these shows don’t start exactly at the time on the ticket. This gives people to time to get their seats, get food, and etc. So we weren’t too bothered that the concert didn’t start at exactly 7:30 PM, but after an hour of the DJ spinning records, we were ready to get the show the road! We are HERE for fashionably late, but come on  Tamar, this was excessive. We won’t hold that against Tamar because we love her, but in the future let’s try and be on time especially when you have a standing room waiting.

After waiting close to 1 hr and some minutes, they finally broke down the DJ’s booth, and it was finally showtime! The show opened with one of our favorite songs, She Did That, which Tamar didn’t actually perform, it was an colorful opening sequence. The audience was entertained by Tamar’s male and female dancers.

The opening sequence was very nice, and it was well worth the 1.5 hr wait! Tamer emerges onto the stage on a turning platform and jumps right into her smash single, The One

Then she slid right into, Tip Toe

Then she performed a song that we are not familiar with, it must have been a bonus track because we weren’t familiar with, but whatever the name of the song was we liked it. So of course after being turnt up for the first few numbers, Tamar had to catch her breath, so she slowed it down and performed some of her slower songs from her album. Tamar set the concert up in such a way that she explained the story behind each song, and then performed each song.


Prettiest Girl 

Stay And Fight

Where It Hurts

Sound Of Love

During this song you can tell that Tamar is really not comfortable with a man other than her husband interacting with her in a sensual way, it was a good performance, but the seductive act needs a little work. After this Tamar did a quick outfit change and then she was ready to get to turn back up!

One On One Fun

Hot Sugar

Hot Sugar is one of our favorite songs off the album, and honestly the moment we were waiting for, during the performance Towanda, Trina, and Traci came out to turn up with their sister! This part of the concert had us turnt! Good job Tamar!

All The Way Home

White Candle

The thing that we love about Tamar is that she is well connected with her Tamartians(fans), and during the concert she picked people from the audience to help her sing, Love & War, she really knows the value of her fanbase. We honestly could have gone without this part, but it was nice of her to make that connection with the Tamartians.

Love & War


After the initial annoyance of having to wait so long for the concert to start we were very impressed with the concert. Tamar didn’t disappoint with her vocals or performance. The show was awesome. We look forward to seeing what she will do when her budget is increased, we can clearly see that she is heavily influenced by the Queen Bey. We see that in the production, choreography, and costumes.  We figure hey if your going to be influenced by someone, why not The Queen Bey! Tamar gave her Tamartians a show to remember. We thoroughly enjoyed it!



Final Rating 4.5/5

(Not Perfect Rating Because It Started Hella Late)

Whut say you?





  1. Late is never good…. Late check, cycle, concert !!!!
    Many artist want to see how long people will wait!!! I can’t wait until one day their is a mass walk out!

    Glad she brought the fire to compensate !!!

  2. I went to the concert in Detroit. I loved it. Just because the ticket says the doors open at a certain time does not mean the concert will start at that time. If you poll every concert you will see that the concert started at the same time which is about nine o’clock. I agree with you on the comfort ability of being intimate with the dancer. But how comfortable can you be with you husband watching every move.

    • We totally get that it doesn’t start at the time on the ticket as we have been to numerous concerts, but the wait was excessive especially with a standing room audience. If there were seats it wouldn’t have been so annoying, but it seemed like they we’re stalling. But again we didn’t hold it against her she delivered a great concert. We agree with you on the comfort thing and Vince being in the back watching the monitor. I could see it being very hard to be comfortable, but the act needs to be a little more convincing if it’s going to be in the show. We all know Tamar loves her Vincent “The” Herbert LOL! It was an awesome concert

  3. Her vocal assassinations were masterful as always. The venues sound techs could have done a much better job adjusting the levels to ensure that the hotness from each song oozed as it was designed in the studio. A true fan should have been working the sound board. Those of us in the balcony heard nothing but the mids and overly amplified treble. I couldn’t hear Tamar beautifully ride the notes of my personal favorite “All The Way Home”. Pissed, I was. Moving forward….I looked to the left and saw sisters, Trina, Towanda, and Traci seated with a center view next to mom, Evelyn. They looked pleased with Tamar’s performance. But, when they took the stage with her during “Hot Sugar”…..they were dancing like grannies. No popping when popping was required. No shaking it according to the salt shaker’s example. I was disappointed in their stage presence behind Tamar who was really giving life with each verse of the song. Booooooooo, sisters. Boooooo! I enjoyed Tamar’s hair during the performance. At least her wig was tame unlike Beyonce’s Bohemian extensions (reference the performance of Crazy In Love by Beyonce at VMAs circa 2003). Her outfits were nice. My favorite was the white ensemble with the tail for added drama. Super cute. Elegance all the way. Overall, I enjoyed the performance. I’m just going to need some opening acts next time. That silly little D.J. was nearly stoned to death when he promised that Ms. Tamar would be out soon for the fourth time. Ugh! Love you though, Tamar

    • Stoned is understatement we wanted him gone! Traci and a Towanda were stiff. The hooded white number was our fave and the sound wasn’t the best but we loved the whole performance!


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