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Demetria McKinney VS Atlanta Hairstylist Gocha



So….last night on The Real Housewives of Atlanta newcomer Demetria McKinney received some unexpected and dare I say shocking news from Atlanta hairstylist Gocha. During the icebreaker portion of Kandi’s party, the ladies were sharing a little about themselves and Demetria revealed that she was in an on and off relationship for 7-8 with studio executive Roger Bob *side-eye*. All was well until Atlanta hairstylist Gocha(Go-Shay) *side-eye* revealed that she too dated Roger Bob. Of course Demetria was blindsided and bewildered to the point she had to get up and leave the room #fixitJesus.

Yeah so ummmmmm if I heard Demetria correctly she stated that she and Roger Bob dated on and off for 7-8 years, so I’m trying to figure out why Demetria was so flustered? Did she expect him to be faithful during a break, even D. Wade had a “break” baby on Gabby. Now I will say Gocha was a bit tacky to reveal this in front of the whole group, but it’s reality TV so did we expect a classy exchange? NOPE!

So after the episode Demetria had some things to get off her chest in reference to Blue’s Clues AKA Gocha(her words not mine) check out her response to last night’s revelation HERE

Was Gocha wrong? Is Demetria delusional? How would have you have handled the situation?

Whut say you?


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