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Destiny’s Child Reunite At 30th Annual Stellar Awards



When Jesus Say Yes Nobody Can Say No!

Bey, Kelly, & Michelle reunited in the name of The Father, The Son, & The Holy Spirit at the 30th annual Stellar Awards. The show was filmed last weekend in Las Vegas, and was televised on TVOne Easter Sunday. DC3 gave us three part harmony and Queen Bey gave us a signature hair toss while praise dancing. I even think Michelle may have caught the holy ghost, it was nothing like that time Fantasia caught the holy ghost at BET’s Celebration of gospel, but you get the idea.

It is always awesome to see the ladies reunite in song, It may be time to reunite and give us a reunion album and DC3 tour. Each lady has enough material to hold down a solo set and then come together for a group set. Maybe Papa Knowles can take a break  from fathering children and selling DC3 souvenirs and pull that together for us. Until then check out DC3 st their best below:


Whut say you?

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