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Don’t Mess With The I., The R., and The S:Lauryn Hill Starts Prison Sentence




Lauryn Hill began serving her 3 month prison sentence in Connecticut for failing to pay over 1 millions dollars in taxes over a ten year period yesterday.

Hill will serve her sentence in a minimum security prison with a dorm style set up. She will be expected to work jobs such maintenance, landscaping, and food service. Hill pled guilty in June 2012 to tax evasion for $1.8 million in earnings from 2005-2007. This also took into account unpaid state and federal taxes in 2008 and 2009. Hill’s lawyer tried to get her put on probation, but the judge was not having it.

Once released from prison, Hill will be a parole for one, 3 months of that will be spent on house arrest. Boys and girls the moral of this story is, pay your damn taxes!


Luther, from Set It Off said it best when he said, ” There are three people in this world I don’t mess with: the I., the R., and the S.”





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