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Drake & Kanye West Seemingly Squash Beef


The beef is over( maybe or maybe not).

Drake and Kanye West have been beefing for who knows what reason. It’s really “rich people’s” problems. But they seem to have buried the hatchet. On Tuesday(Nov 16), West shared a photo alongside Drake and Rap-A-Lot founder J. Prince at what appears to be Drake’s Toronto home.

The two all apparently had dinner at Drake’s house Monday night. Drake also shared video of him and Ye smiling and laughing it up backstage at a screening of Dave Chappelle’s Untitled documentary in Toronto the same night.

The reunion happened after Kanye proposed a truce in a video filmed standing next to J. Prince publicly inviting Drake to share the stage with him at Dec 7 concert in Los Angeles to free incarcerated gang leader Larry Hoover. If I’m being honest Kayne looked like he was being held hostage and made to read a statement, but that’s just me speculating. You be the judge.

I won’t hold my breath for this to stick because Kanye is a loose cannon and has a tendency to say some wild sh*t! It’s only going to take one wayward interview, tweet, or Instagram post and we’ll be right back into the back and forth.

Whut, say you?

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