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Enough Already With The 90’s and 00’s TV Show Reboots!


Kinfolks! First it was Girl Meets World(Boy Meets World), and then it was Fuller House(Full House), and now a Sister, Sister reboot! Knock it off! Are there no new ideas for shows out here!?! Leave my childhood shows the ENTIRE f*ck alone! I tried to watch Girl Meets World, and I really couldn’t get into. I tried to watch Fuller House, and yeah…NOT HERE FOR IT! I am all for trip down memory lane with Minnie Ripperton playing in the background, but inevitably with these reboots what tends to happen is the magic that once was, is no longer there! You can’t recreate it!

The only way that a Sister, Sister reboot or any other show from the 90’s/2000’s would honestly work is the creators completely reimagined the show, which I really hope is the plan. Tia and Tamera are GOOD and GROWN, and a show centered around them being goofy and awkward as they were on the original series would not work in the current climate of America today. Now what would be interesting is if somehow they figured out how to work in the some of the issues currently plaguing the black community into the storyline (i.e. Black Lives Matter, police brutality,etc.) but dealt with it in smart and comical way.

While I want everyone ‘get the bag’ out here in these streets, enough already with the reboots! There are so many creatives on the internet and social media that deserve a chance to shine, while Hollywood is out her recycling old ideas, and f*cking up my childhood memories! Let’s see if we can’t come up with new stories to tell, and leave well enough alone! Rebooting these show is like this last TLC  album, we don’t want it!(Well maybe some of y’all want it because y’all gave Tionne and Rozonda y’all coins)

Whut say you?

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