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EP Reviews: 3 Simple Rules-Ne-Yo, #LoveJo-JoJo, With Love-Mya


It’s Raining EP’s Today!

You all know Wait…Wait…Whut!?! loves good music, and will always give you the unadulterated truth! Like to hear it, here it go!

3-Simple Rules-Ne-Yo

As the title of the EP suggests there are 3 Simples Rules in love, and each track on the EP states a rule, and the song describes the rule. Track 1 is titled New Love, the track has a Do-Whop feel to it, and Sir Ne-Yo breaks down how to keep love new. This song has a  nice melody to it, and it also brings me back to the Ne-Yo that I like(So Sick Era). Track 2 is titled Bigger Than This, this track is midtempo track on which Ne-Yo apologizes to his significant other, and tells here their love is bigger than the current argument. Most couples can relate to what Ne-Yo is singing about, it is a nice track and I hear Michael Jackson influences in this track.  Track 3 is titled Gotchu Right, and this has to be my favorite track off the EP, this puts me in the mind of Mirror from Ne-Yo’s first album(In My Own Words). Tracks like this are Ne-Yo’s sweet spot, he is in the pocket with this track right. This EP is definitely worth a listen and download.


Praise the Lord saints! JoJo has been freed from bondage! What bondage you ask, she was recently freed from the jail that is Blackground Records(Home of The Late Great Aaliyah). It’s apparent from the opening of this EP, that Ms. JoJo has a lot to get off her chest after being locked up 8 years. From the Intro, which features a classical musical sequence, JoJo tells us to rest our head and close our eyes…, you pretty much know she is not here to play games with you. The transition from the intro to the second track is kind of choppy, but hey we’ll give her a pass because JoJo done went and covered Caught Up In The Rapture, which was originally sung by Anita Baker. JoJo puts her own spin on the song  and her melodious voice does this song justice, COME THE F*CK IN JOJO! This is probably my favorite track off the EP. These runs! This voice! WOW! This is what Teyanna Taylor was trying to do on that infamous Instagram video, but couldn’t! On track 3 JoJo tackles the Phil Collins classic, Take Me Home, and let me just say that she showed up and showed the ENTIRE f*ck out on this here! She owns this track, I honestly had to listen again to realize this was a Phil Collins song, because she went and re-imagined it!  On track 4, JoJo decided enough is enough and decides to take us to the church house! This song shot up in my bones! The piano and JoJo’s voice just do something to my spirit! All I can GLAWRY!!!!!! and throw my damn hands up. I like every track on this EP! JoJo is a force to reckoned with! This is MUST LISTEN!

With Love-Mya

Ms. Like Whoa is back and she also is not playing any games. Mya has been missing from the music scene in recent years, if this EP is any indication of what is to come from Mya, then things are looking good! Mya opens the the EP with a song titled, Space, and the track feels like your flying through space with Mya providing the soundtrack! I like this track right here, I could sip a glass of wine to this! Track 2(Like A Woman) is a declaration, and she wants her man to love her like a WOMAN! She basically says, “Don’t tell me muthaf*cka show me!.” I love this song! Track 3(Party) is a feel good mid-tempo track that I could definitely see me doing a nice little two-step to. Mya has something with this song! On track 4(Do It) Mya takes us to the hood, and I like it! This is most definitely a twerk tune right here! This will have you hip rolling and dropping it like it’s hot! Mya is sexy and seductive on this track. I like the way she DO IT on this track! Mya plays no games with you on this EP! This a must download and listen!

Whut say you?

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