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Five Things We Learned From ‘Jim & Chrissy:Vow Or Never’ Episode 1


Kinfolk! The reality tv gods have smiled down upon us! Jim Jones & Chrissy Lampkin have triumphantly returned to reality television! After falling out with Mona Scott-Young and leaving that dead-body ass show Love & Hip Hop New York(let’s face it they made the show)they are back with a new show on WeTv titled ‘Jim & Chrissy: Vow or Never’. Episode 1 premiered last night and did not disappoint. Let’s cover five things that we learned from episode 1:

1. Jimmy and Chrissy Are Something Like Common Law Married 

Jimmy and Chrissy have been together 11 years and have had multiple engagements, but still are not married. At this point they are something like common law married. Jim is not going anywhere and Chrissy isn’t going anywhere! They are together for life and they make such a good couple. You can tell Jimmy really loves Chrissy with no limit, marriage at this point would be a technicality. But I am HERE for these two! Glad they are back in reality tv, I missed them!

2. Freeky Zeeky Is Reality TV Gold

Ezekiel Giles AKA Freeky Zeeky is Jimmy’s childhood friend and fellow Dip Set member. He is reality TV gold, he is the Shekinah(T.I. & Tiny Family Hustle) of this show! He is a naturally funny and is sure to keep us entertained! He is also sure to get Jimmy involved in all type of fuckery this season. I smell a spinoff coming and I am HERE for it!

3. When In Miami The Strip Club Is The Studio 

Miami is where Jim & Chris met so it’s only natural they go there to decompress and escape NY’s weather. After dinner with friends Jim says he’s going to the “studio” to check out the vibe but of course a trip to Miami wouldn’t be trip to Miama without going to the strip club. Freeky “drags” Jim to the strip club kicking and screaming or not? No biggy, but he neglects to inform Chrissy. Of course one of Chrissy’s friends spots Jim and informs her the next day. Trouble ensues.

4. We Ain’t Gettin No Younger So We Might As Well Do It! Let’s Get Married! *Jagged Edge Voice*

So after the strip club debacle Jim has a conversation with Freeky and indicates that he is finally ready to make it official with Chrissy. Freeky of course wants to make sure Jim is positive he is ready to get married and also wants to know has he told Mama Jones. Of course he hasn’t ran this pass Mama Jones! Jim swears Freeky to secrecy(we’ll see how long that lasts). Jim then plans a romantic dinner with the help of Freeky. At the dinner with Chrissy he proposes they finally get married on TV in front of the world. Chrissy isn’t really compelled to get married as she isn’t convinced  Jim is really ready, and he hasn’t spoken to Mama Jones. The romantic dinner was a nice gesture, but a bust.

5. Mama Jones Knows All!

Freeky asked if Jim told Mama Jones knew about his intentions during their conversation. Chrissy asks Jim the same question at dinner. So…It’s safe to say Mama Jones reaction to this news isn’t going to be desirable, but good reality tv to boot! Mama Jones pops up in Miami, because what would this show be without my favorite hip hop Mama? Of course Freeky has told Mama Jones about Jim’s intentions to marry Chrissy and she is none to happy being the last to know! During the back and forth between Jim and Mama Jones, Chrissy says yes she wants to go ahead and get married. JACKPOT!

Welp! There you have it Kinfolk! Check back next week for 5 more things we can learn from ‘Jim & Chrissy: Vow or Never’

Whut say you?

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