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Five Things We Learned From The 2016 Soul Train Awards


Kinfolks! The 2016 Soul Train Awards have come and gone, and I am here to give “5 Things We Learned From The 2016 Soul Train Awards”

1. Erykah Badu Needs To Host From Now On

Erykah Badu hosted the awards again this year and she did an amazing job! She has great comedic timing. Her comedy is not forced, and it comes off very naturally. I could really see her doing her own sketch comedy show.  BET let’s see if we can make that happen. Her skits fit very well into the show. She even retweeted one of my tweets, and that made my entire night! Thanks Erykah!

2. It Was Good To See Dru Hill

Now y’all can sit up here and pretend that Dru Hill wasn’t one of the best R&B groups from the 90’s, but they were and you will deal! They got the band back together and sprinkled their receipts all over the the stage for all to see.  I wish they could have had all the original members perform, but Woody found Jesus and decided he could no longer sing the devil’s music(my words not his). All in all it was good to see them open the show, and they were just happy to be performing. We do need to get Jazz some Herbalife and a trainer because I am concerned about his BMI. Who’s starting the Go Fund Me account, I got 5 on it!

3. Brandy’s Stint On Broadway Has Helped Her Stage Show Tremendously

Brandy was the recipient of “The Lady of Soul Award” for 2016, Jill Scott was honored last year. Brandy came out and decided that she wanted to sprinkle all her receipts on the stage and then gave us good 8 count! It’s clear that her stint on Broadway upgraded her stage show. I never looked to Brandy for choreography, but she gave me what I needed vocally and with choreography. Now, Ms. Norwood couldn’t do a performance without a little shade for her arch nemesis Monica. I didn’t catch the shade at first, but she changed the words of “Talk About Our Love” and threw a little subtle shade. I am always HERE for a little vacation in the shady grove, but at this point I am tired of this Brandy/Monica beef. The fact remains the only Grammy either of you have, is together! PERIOD! There is money to made out her in these streets, A Brandy and Monica tour would sell out! Now knock it the f*ck off ladies!

4. D.R.A.M Featuring Erykah Badu(WiFi) Is My New Favorite Song

I love the way that Erykah Badu embraces the new crop of artists, although there was that time that she told Azealia Banks she could get these hands(I’m paraphrasing) and turned on her GPS on Twitter, but that’s water under the bridge. Her duet “WiFi” with D.R.A.M is my new favorite jam, and it falls right in line with the theme of her mix tape(But You Caint Use My Phone). Erykah can do no wrong in my eyes.

5. Teddy Riley Is Legend & You Will Respek Him!

While Nia Riley  is out her showing her ass on Love and Hip Hop LA with the likes of Souljah Boy, her father single-handedly crafted a whole genre of music(New Jack Swing) Teddy Riley is LEGEND. I did not know he worked on “The Show” that was news to me. It was good to see Guy reunited, but Aaron Hall looked like Eddie Kane from The Heartbeats. Bobby Brown can still move the crowd in a two-piece leather jump suit. V.Bozeman did what she could with an SMV classic. Tito Jackson wanted y’all to know that MJ wasn’t the only one with talent in the Jackson 5, and Wreck N Effect was just happy to be out of the house. This honor was long overdue thank you Soul Train for recognizing him.

This year’s show didn’t grab me like previous years it was just okay for me. I will say I need all these artists that got their start on Soul Train to start bringing their asses to the show. It was a lot of people clearly missing. The American Music Awards don’t see it for y’all! So bring y’all asses on The Soul Train Awards, don’t forget where you came from nah!

Honorable Mention: “The Soul Cypher” was amazing. Auntie Gladys still has it!

Whut say you?


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