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Frank Ocean Finally Drops New Album “Endless”


Kinfolk after all the stunts and shows Frank Ocean has finally dropped his highly anticipated new album “Endless” last night on his website www.boysdontcry.co. All the stans can breath a sigh of relief because he had y’all  bugging the f*ck out!

Exhibit A:

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But I know y’all didn’t expect the stunts and shows to stop with release! That would be too much like right! That wouldn’t be grand enough! Get this Ocean’s fans can’t access individual songs or skip ahead for that matter in the album steam. Fans are subjected to video stream of what looks like Frank doing his best impression of Bob The Builder, while the album plays in the background *side-eye*

Frank *taps shoulder* I know you’re an artist and your sensitive about your sh*t, but please just let us access the songs sans this artsy video. Please and thank you! After listening through the album once I can say I like what I’ve heard, but I need to be able to get to each song and replay if necessary before I write a definitive review

Check It Out HERE & HERE

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