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Happy Burfday! Chris Brown



It’s Chris Brown’s Burfday Today!

Christopher Maurice Brown is a singer/actor/dancer who burst onto the scene in early 2004. Chris’s star was on the rise, that is until the unfortunate incident with then girlfriend, Rihanna, which temporarily derailed his career. It looked like Chris had turned it around after the whole incident, but he just couldn’t see to keep it together, and has ended up in jail for a probation violation, after an alleged attacked outside of DC hotel. He is currently sitting in jail celebrating his 25 birthday,which sucks! We can’t imagine jail let alone celebrating one’s birthday in there.

We really hope that Chris is using this time in jail to really reflect upon his life and some of the behaviors that have landed him in this predicament. As we have stated previously Chris Brown is talented young man, he is probably the closest thing to Michael Jackson that we have. Let’s hope that Chris Brown doesn’t have to go to jail, when his case goes to trial, and also that he cleans house where his inner circle is concerned. We think he needs that one self-sufficient cousin, auntie, uncle who will tell him, “Chris that’s dumb as hell!”. Way too many “YES” men and women in his circle

Happy Burfday Chris Brown, although we know it can’t be too happy sitting in a cell, but hey look at the bright side, you made it another year!



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