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Happy Burfday!:Trick Daddy



Trick Daddy turns 40 today!

Maurice Young AKA Trick Daddy is a rapper and producer from the Liberty City section of Miami, FL. He appeared on the track “Scarred” by former 2 Live Crew member, Luther “Luke” Campbell, from Luke’s 1996 album “Uncle Luke.” The song became a hit and immediately caught the attention of fans and record producers alike. Ted Lucas, a former concert promoter and then-CEO of Slip-n-Slide Records, signed the rapper to the newly formed record label.

Slip-n-Slide released Trick Daddy Dollars’s debut album “Based on a True Story” in 1997; the album was popular in the Miami area. In 1998, when his next album “www.thug.com” came out, Young removed “Dollars” from his stage name. Club-oriented track “Nann N*igga,” featuring Trina, became a national hit, peaking at the third spot of the Billboard Hot Rap Singles chart. Atlantic Records signed Trick Daddy to the label in 2000 and released “Book of Thugs: Chapter AK Verse 47” that year.

Naan N*gga is one of my ratchet favorites!

Happy Burfday Trick!





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