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HBO’s Insecure Tackles Mortality


Season 5 of Insecure is in full swing! Issa and Co. have been tackling some very relatable and tough issues this season. Episode 5 is no different mortality is the centerpiece. Molly’s mom has a stroke and she faced with the reality that her mom is not going to live forever. This causes her to put a lot of things into perspective.

This episode hits close to home for me because I went through this same thing with my mother. It’s like the roles reversed at a point. She had taken care of me for so long then the roles reversed as her health started to decline. It causes you to put things into perspectives and you realize your parent’s aren’t going to live forever. You have prepare yourself for the inevitable.

Unlike Molly’s parents my mom planned out her estate very early on. I was aware of all of her wishes and what she wanted done after she died. In the black community we sometimes want to avoid this hard conversation, but it’s one that we need to start having more openly. My mom and I had these hard conversations and when she did transition it made everything much easier and removed all the guesswork. My situation was somewhat less complicated than Molly’s as I do not have siblings. I can’t imagine having siblings and trying to sort through what my Mom would have wanted.

These hard conversation really help alleviate some of the stress from an already painful situation. If all of this is handled in advance you’re allowed to work through the stages of grief without the added pressure of making decisions based off assumptions. Let’s hope Molly’s mom pull through. How many of you have had the hard conversation with your parent(s)? If you have, how was it? If you haven’t, why not?

Whut, say you?


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