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Hood Mice Antics: Kirk Frost’s Jump Off, Mary Jane, Responds To Backlash



On Monday’s episode of Love and Hip Atlanta(Ratchetpiece Theater), Rasheeda’s husband Kirk Frost caused quite an uproar with fans of the show when he sunk to a new low, turning his all male weekend getaway with Benzino into a “hood mice” party.

Kirk, who is married was filmed in a hot tub with scantily “hood mice” and was also filmed going into a room with said “hood mice”

Welp! leave it to “Black Twitter” to track down one of the “hood mice,” Alexis AKA Mary Jane. “Black Twitter” grabbed her by her Remy, and didn’t let go!

Check out her mentions below:




All in response to this tweet:


I guess she didn’t listen when NeNe said, “Close your legs to married men!” Not only did she “allegedly” fool around with Kirk, she “allegedly” has a rep for fooling around with married men in ATL.

Kirk is not free from blame either. It’s really f*cked up that he is treating Rasheeda like this after 15 years of marriage. I was done wit him after he tried to make it seem as if Rasheeda got pregnant by immaculate conception or some sh*t!! Like he didn’t splash up inside her!

Nicki Minaj said it best when she said, “It’s levels to this shit!”

I honestly believe this is all for TV and a check! Rasheeda and Kirk, knew their storyline was snooze fest last season, so they needed to amp up the drama so Mona would not give them their walking papers. I am interested to see how this plays out.

Check out “The Hood Mouse” AKA Mary Jane rationalizing her bullsh*t on V103’s Big Tigger Show HERE

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