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Insecure: Meet The Parents: Are You Team Lawrence or Team Condola?


The 5th final season of Issa Rae’s hit show Insecure is in full swing. On this week’s episode we get to see what Lawrence has been up to. If you remember last season he and Issa were back together and all was good in the hood until it was revealed that Condola was pregnant with Lawrence’s baby. On episode 1 of this season Issa decides to break up with Lawrence.

Since the break up Lawrence has seemingly moved on with his life. He has moved to San Francisco for a new job and seems to be living his best life until he gets a call while on a date that Condola has given birth. Now if you remember Lawrence did not want Condola to have the baby and told her to keep him posted and went on about his business. Welp! Condola did just that with iMessage that changes his whole life.

Of course Lawrence wants to do the right thing and be there for his child, but the situation isn’t ideal. He hops a flight to LA after he gets the news of the birth. A cringe worthy meeting at the hospital with Condola’s mother played veteran actress Lela Rochon and sister played by KeKe Palmer ensues. Lawrence tells Condola he wants to be present at the baby’s first doctor’s appointment, which he shows up for. The appointment is awkward because Lawrence and Condola really haven’t had much contact during her pregnancy and this makes for another cringe worthy scene.

In the parking garage after the appointment Lawrence asks Condola about switching up the baby’s doctor’s appointments and she isn’t willing to change them to accommodate his schedule. Lawrence tells Condola he is going fly into LA every week because he wants to be present Condola is receptive, but she isn’t receptive to Lawrence’s ideas about the baby’s baptism and states that has already been planned. The baptism makes for yet another awkward scene because the two families don’t know each other. At one point Lawrence asks to take the newborn for a week, which isn’t received well by Condola.

Lawrence returns to his life in San Francisco while Condola takes on the day to day care of their newborn. We can see they are having two different experiences where parenting is concerned. Lawrence is flying into LA as promised, but misses a visit due to being tired from work. Condola isn’t pleased, but she presses on. Lawrence and Condola attend Tiffany’s daughter’s first birthday party and there is tense exchange between the two of them, which further reveals their lack of rapport and lack of communication. Luckily Tiffany’s husband diffuses the situation and tries to impart some good advice onto Lawrence.

The culmination of the episode occurs when Lawrence is scheduled to pick up the baby for his weekly visit. He arrives late, the baby is fussy, and Condola decides she doesn’t want the baby to go with Lawrence. She ultimately tells him she doesn’t trust him with the baby. This infuriates him and he makes threats regarding custody of the newborn and Condola kicks him out. On his flight back to San Francisco there is major turbulence and this causes Lawrence to reevaluate some things and he ends up calling Condola to apologize and try to figure out a resolution.

Issa Rae and Co. masterfully tackled the not so pretty side of coparenting. They showed the issue from both sides. I left the episode feeling like neither party was right or wrong. Lawrence and Condola had valid points. The episode beautifully embodied the delicate dance that sometimes occurs when coparenting. Are you Team Lawrence or Team Condola ?

Whut, say you?

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