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Instagram Comedy Spotlight: TheCeCeShow


Y’all know Wait…Wait…Whut!?! ┬áloves the kids! I was recently tagged on one of ┬áTheCeCeShow’s videos on Instagram and instantly fell in love with this little girl she is too cute and she is hilarious! Check out the above videos and check out her other videos. You are sure to bust a gut laughing at this little comedian. She had Tamar Braxton down!


  1. if that’s how Tamar Braxton acts then she clearly keeps company with too many homosexual males…on top of being too damn old to be carrying on like that. Wasn’t she born in the the 1970s?

    This little girl’s parent’s needs their asses kicked. They are letting this girl watch and study content that is too mature for her age. Instead of focusing on perfecting her Tamar Braxton impersonation, she should be focusing on perfecting her times tables… the world doesn’t need comedy from a 6 year old.

    what adult would find this cute/funny/acceptable?

    • Oh lighten the hell up reality_check it’s light hearted fun! Climb down off your soap box, you don’t know what that child’s parents teach her outside of these two video! Seriousness is not always necessary take the stick out your ass!


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