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Is Hollywood Racist?


that's racist

While scrolling Tumblr toady I stumbled upon a post ChescaLei‘s blog that featured Erica Alexander who is probably best known for her role as Maxine Shaw on the 90’s sitcom, Living Single. In the video that was posted on MadameNoire’s YouTube page, Erica speaks to why white executives only cast blacks in stereotypical roles.

Check It Out Below

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_kV_xnQFY2w?rel=0&w=640&h=360]

I must say that I agree with all of Erica had to say in this video. I totally agree that black television changed after 90’s shows such as Living Single and Martin went off the air. With the exception of Scandal, there are no series that have an African-Americans in a lead role on prime time television.

Sure you can find blacks in lead roles over on BET, TVOne, and OWN, but not on network television. If you don’t have cable television you wouldn’t see these shows.  This is shame because African-Americans are very talented and could flourish on network television execs cast them.

Whut say you?


  1. okay http://www….you got your little ass in the living room and acted a DAMN FOOL!! yes…Yes….YESSSSS!!! I LOVE Erika Alexander! oh God…give me a minute to go clean myself…

    Okay, I’m back *whew*… now on to the topic at hand….


    Now, on to what Ms. Alexander said: I love her, but she is naive at best, and flat out ignorant at worst for her views on racism in Hollywood. While I will agree that Hollywood is racist, I will offer that EVERYTHING is racist…..Hollywood, the education system, the criminal justice system, the military, the medical establishment, corporate america….see where I’m going with this? What you see in Hollywood is just symptoms of the underlying disease that is racism.

    I will contend that is usually less about race and more about economics. Hollywood is in business to make money….and unfortunately, blacks do not sell as well internationally (partly because of racism) so many directors are disinclined to cast blacks (talent not withstanding).

    One final thought on what was discussed here, and this comment is very polemic, but here goes: whites do not owe blacks anything. Yes I said it, they don’t owe us a damn thing…and even if they did, they will never pay…..so what’s the point? They don’t have to put us in their movies if they don’t want….after all, it is THEIR movie. I wish blacks would read up on economic empowerment in our communities, then we wouldn’t be pandering, begging and bemoaning whites to include us. Go Make your own damn movies! How many Indian men/women do you see headlining a blockbuster film? Asians? Arabs? …Take your time, I’ll wait…. But for some reason blacks always have something to say about inclusion. I could say a lot more…but I won’t 🙂

    But….doesn’t Erika look GREAT?! I mean, really…..its been 20 years since Living Single went off the air and she still looks AWESOME! Did I mention I love her?


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