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Jazz Icon George Duke Dies



Condolences to the family of George Duke.

Legendary jazz keyboardist George Duke, who spent his lengthy career collaborating with icons including Miles Davis, Barry Manilow, Frank Zappa and George Clinton, died on Monday, reports NPR.

Duke is well known for bridging jazz, funk, R&B and Brazilian genres in styles that ranged from sensitive to disruptive. He worked with Michael Jackson on Off the Wall in 1979, and produced and composed for Miles Davis on several albums in the 1980s.

Duke was born in San Rafael, California, and studied composition and contrabass at the San Francisco Conservatory, but he would become recognized for his unique keyboard work.

During his career, Duke put out more than 40 albums. His official cause of death has yet to be reported. He leaves behind two sons Rasheed and John.

Let’s keep Mr. Duke’s family in our prayers.




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