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Jhené Aiko “Souled Out” Album Review




Jhené Aiko’s new album titled Souled Out was released today and as with all music I give every album a fair chance. As I stated in a previous post I like some of Aiko’s songs namely, The Worst, but I really don’t get her appeal. She is a very pretty woman, but her voice is one-dimensional and lacks depth. I really gave this album the old college try, but it honestly sounds like the same song over and over again. Now don’t get me wrong that one song over and over again isn’t terrible, but not impressive either.  Aiko gives me the female version of Aubrey AKA Drake, but at least with him we get some variation in his songs.

I will say that album does help you focus when trying to do tasks that require intense focus because nothing on the album really jumps out at you or grabs your attentions. If I had to choose songs to listen to off this album I would have to pick Limbo Limbo Limbo which is the opening song on the album. W.A.Y.S which I discovered means Why Aren’t You Smiling is another one that I liked. I would also pick Promises, which is features Aiko daughter singing, which is very cute. I also enjoyed Pretty Bird, which features Chicago native Common and gives listeners words of encouragement and lets us know there is a blinding light inside of us and we can’t be denied. Blue Dream which is a bonus track on the deluxe edition of the album is also one that I enjoyed.

The only thing that really saves this album for me is the lyrical content and Aiko’s cadence when she is singing. You can tell that she has been through some things in her life. This album runs the gamut of emotion from indifference to introspective. I don’t hate the album but I am not doing cartwheels over it either. I would probably put this album on to relax or if I wanted to do some deep thinking. As with all my reviews I encourage you to form your own opinions about music and in general. Aiko will do just fine out here in the current musical landscape, she seems to have a cult following, but I don’t get it yet. Who knows I may have an A-Ha! moment, but right now that would be a negative.

Final Rating 2.5/5

Whut say you?

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