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Lil’ Kim Expecting A Girl



It’s the Q to the B to the Double E Spitting Lovely…opps we had a flash back to  Lil’ Kim Circa 1996.

Welp! It seem that Kimberly “Lil Kim” Jones is expecting a baby girl. This is fantastic news after announcing she was preggos during NY Fashion Week earlier this year. This little bundle of joy will be Kim’s first child. The father of the child is NY rapper Mr Papers, your probably wondering who that is? We are too, but no worries, we are just hoping Kim delivers a healthy baby girl.

The baby shower will be held May 10, and it is sure to be star studded, while Kim isn’t bubbling in these streets where music is concerned, her name still rings bells. Wonder where she is registered at?


Check out the the baby shower invite Kim posted on Instagram below:



Whut say you?





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