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Lil Kim Reveals Artwork For New Mixtape:’Hardcore II: Back 2 Da Streetz’



Kimberly….why? *hangs head*

So apparently Lil Kim has decided to release another mixtape, but this time she has decided to revisit her classic ‘Hardcore’ album cover. For what I don’t know? Some things are just better left alone! *sighs*

If you remember Kim’s debut featured her in a bathing suit with her BOX spread out for all to see, this is of course before she decided to go Texas Chainsaw massacre on her face(there was nothing wrong with her face for the record). This time around it’s basically the same cover,but instead of Kimberly having her BOX spread out for all to see there is white tiger in her place and two bottles of Ciroc. Now before I register my opinion let me say Lil’ Kim used to be one of my favorite female MC’s, but in recent years not so much.

The cover looks like my Goddaughter decided she wanted to practice using photoshop on her iPad. It looks amateurish and tarnishes Kim’s legacy yet again. Where is that one sister, brother, cousin, or friend that will tell you, “That looks a mess!” because Kim is definitely in need of that person right damn now! This must stop!

The mixtape is titled ‘Hardcore II: Back 2 Da Streetz’ Back 2 Da Drawing Board is more fitting.

What are your thoughts?



  1. Everything in my heart wants Kim to make a major come back, I even got super excited when Kindrick Lamar brought her out on stage, but so much time has lapse she would have to come back harder then ever and this cover says she is not ready…….she don’t even move the same maybe she’s afraid she’ll sweat of her face……anywho Kim will always be the queen..her style I wish her the best

    • I want her to win too, but this foolishness is not cutting. She used to my second favorite female MC, second only to Foxy Brown.The latest single dead girl walking or whatever was a hot shitty mess, I don’t know who is advising her! But she won’t be happy until her legacy is in completely clowned. If your not going to come back right Kimberly just retire!


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