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Lil’ Kim’s “The Notorious K.I.M” Turned 20


While I give Lil’ Kim shit for her most recent releases never let that suggest that I don’t respect what she has done for women in hip-hop. She along with Foxy Brown blazed a trail for women to embrace their sexuality and have the freedom to speak their minds in the male-dominated hip-hop industry. After the release of groundbreaking “Hardcore” and the untimely death of Notorious B.I.G, the question became would she be able to recreate the success of her debut album without B.I.G?

The Notorious K.I.M dropped on June 27, 2000. Risky and experimental are the best words to describe the project. Kim stayed true to her sex siren persona while still experimenting with different sounds. A motley crew of collaborators including Cee-Lo, Grace Jones, and Redman appeared on the album. The Notorious K.I.M showed growth and also showed that Kim could prosper without B.I.G.

I’ll give my favorite tracks from The Notorious K.I.M in no particular order:

Whut were your favorite songs from The Notorious K.I.M.



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