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[LISTEN] New Music: Back To Back-Drake(Meek Mill Diss)


Ladies and gentlemen I think we have a battle on our hands!

Unless you’ve been under a rock for the past few days then you know Meek Mill and Drake are at odds. Why? You ask, because Meek Mill got on Twitter in what looked like a alcohol and weed induced rant and decided to go at Drake. He accused Drake of having a ghostwriter, which honesty no one really cares about at this point. Sure hardcore hip hop heads will hold Drake’s feet to the fire, but if you look back in hip hop a lot of great artists have had ghost writers. Salt N Pepa, Biz Markie, Roxanne Shante, and even Dr Dre had ghost writers. As Charlamange said, “We don’t care who prepared the food, it’s all about how it tastes and how it’s presented” to paraphrase.

If Drake does have a ghost writer, it’s clear his presentation is leaps and bounds ahead of of Meek Mill’s. I didn’t think Drake would respond to this jab, but he did with a little tap titled Charged Up. With this diss record he tapped Meek a few times, but it wasn’t a Jay-Z Takeover type of record. Meek responded on Twitter, but didn’t release a diss record, but he did go to Toronto and  subliminally dissed Drake in his hometown with the “Fuck You” portion of his show, now this has been a part of his show in other cities, but it’s significant because of this beef. Now Funk Master Flex was supposed to have more reference tracks from Drake’s songs to prove the ghostwriting accusations, and also was supposed to have the “Exclusive” Meek Mill response, but he didn’t deliver and I’m not surprised. So we waited and waited for a response from Meek, but nothing.

So last night before I put head to pillow I said to one of my friends Drake is going to release another song, and what do I wake up to? Another diss record from Drake titled Back To Back. Aubrey didn’t play with Meek on this track. This is what hip hop is suppose to be, I can’t wait to hear what Meek’s response is. Drake sounds like he is just getting started or “Charged Up”

Take a listen below:

Whut say you?


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