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[LISTEN] Tune In Tuesday: Jackie-Ciara


It’s Tune In Tuesday!

Ciara is back with a new release titled Jackie, named after her Mother. I really try to see it for Ciara, and I actually enjoyed her last album, but it was poorly promoted. Set up was all wrong! She’s on that list with Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams where album set up is concerned. They all always seem to be late to the party i.e long gaps between singles and video releases, but I am going to be optimistic, hopefully she get it right this time around. I have been known to give Ciara a hard time, but it’s because I see her doing more!

The album features 16 tracks and guest appearance from Missy Elliott, Pit Bull, and T.I. Let’s hope this go around that CiCi gets it right! I honestly miss the Ciara below:


Oh…the way we were! I am currently listening to the album, we shall see what the final verdict is….Where is Jazzy Pha when you need him?

Take a listen below:

[spotify http://open.spotify.com/album/1vxEYHEzZI2l1AyZOtVHKJ]

Whut say you?


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