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[LISTEN]New Music:Fools Gold-Jill Scott


Jilly from Philly is back with the second single from her upcoming project. Jill sings about all things that glitter not being gold! Ain’t that the GOTDAMN truth! I am not really moved by this offering, or the last one for that matter.

This song doesn’t give me enough ummph! I don’t hate it tho. Hopefully the rest of the album is better,but until then listen to Fools Gold below:

[spotify http://open.spotify.com/track/5YuixWzsMINYpT0vCrHJpb]

Also check out Jill’s tour dates below: 

Whut say you?


  1. Now see I really like this song….sheesh kinda makes me tear up a little. I’m guessing it’s because I can relate (TMI) I’m interested tho I’m a Jill fan although I have felt some kinda way since you told me she was acting funny in person, but she gives me that push through I need.


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