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Love & Hip Hop Cash Money Edition: Did Birdman Throw A Drink At Lil Wayne? 


In today’s installment of Love & Hip Hop: Cash Money Edition, Birdman allegedly throws a drink at Lil Wayn at Club LIV in Miami. 

Now before we get into what happened let me bring you up to speed. Lil Wayne wants off Cash Money records, so much so that he filed lawsuit that he later dropped it. That would lead most to believe that all was Kool & The Gang over at Cash Money. 

Not So! Apparently that is not the case, there is still beef between Wayne and Baby. Several reports have come out that a drink was thrown from Birdman’s section during Wayne’s performance at LIV. There are also reports that Birdman had members of his entourage toss water bottles on Wayne. In the video you see Wayne shut down his set and the camera pans to Birdman, who is giving what seem to be a “Bitch Be Cool Look”

Now I haven’t f*cked with Dewayne Carter since the Carter III, but this foolishness needs to stop! I can see this has the potential to get out of hand. Birdman let this young man off your plantation! I’ve heard stories that Birdman be Jay Jerkin N*ggas allegedly.

Check out the video below:


Whut say you?



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