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Ludacris Wants You To Know He Is The Father, But He Can’t Pay That Much In Child Support!



Well it seems that D. Wade isn’t the only one with a new baby. It seems that Ludarcis has a new baby, and it’s not with his longterm girlfriend Eudoxie! The baby was allegedly conceived during a “break” ¬†from Eudoxie. The new mother’s name is Tamika Fuller and the baby’s name is Cai Bella Bridges(born December 9).

Ludacris admits to fathering the child, but has taken legal action to get a cap put on the amount of child support he will have to fork over. He submitted court documents claiming is only pulling roughly 25K a month on average *side-eye*

I find this figure hard to believe being that Luda stars in those successful Fast and Furious movies and also his music catalog is pretty extensive. I wonder how this will play out.

Whut say you?



    • I call BULLSHIT on the amount that Chris is claiming he brings in monthly. Three words come to mind where this story is concerned and those are Wrap It Up, and wouldn’t be entertainment news.


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