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Michelle Williams “Journey To Freedom” Album Review



“Michelle My Bell!”

Tenitra AKA Michelle Williams finally released her new album, Journey To Freedom, after releasing three singles(If We Had Your Eyes, Fire, and Say Yes). Michelle and Kelly always wear me thin when it comes to the roll out for their albums, because they never really hit while the fire is hot. There are always long delays between singles, video, etc. I am not sure if that’s the record company or what, but valuable time is wasted when there are long gaps. The general public tends to lose interest quickly, and many already don’t see it for Michelle where R&B and Gospel are concerned anyway. Therefore time is of the essence!

With that being said, I must say that I am very impressed with this offering from Tenitra. The album has 12 tracks, the three singles released before the album dropped I love those. With this album I feel like Michelle is coming into her own with the help of Harmony Samuels, who is a beast where this music thing is concerned. I think Michelle has found her sound with this album, it is a good mix of inspirational R&B and Gospel. The album is not overly churchy, if that’s even a word LOL.

Now let me get to what you really want to know, and that is what songs did I like from the album. The opening track Need Your Help featuring is Eric Dawkins is a favorite of mine, it is mid-tempo and Michelle and Eric mesh well on this song. Fall featuring Lecrae and Tye Tribbett is another favorite of mine. As soon as the beat dropped I was HERE for this song! I almost forgot this was a gospel song and the addition of Tye Tribbett(my favorite ratchet gospel singer) didn’t hurt either. I found myself bouncing to this song right here. Free is slow song which I absolutely love, Michelle gives us sweet and subtle with this song. Just Like You,which features Chief Wakil is another uptempo song that I found myself bopping to, Michelle shines on this!

As a whole this offering is very cohesive,I honestly didn’t have to skip over any tracks on the album. I think Michelle may have something with this album. I really hope that her team really gets behind this album. I need Tenitra on EBT’s BET Celebration of Gospel & Sunday Best. I need her on The Stellar Awards. I need her to be performing a song from this album on Fix My Choir every week. With the right push this album could do really well. Let’s pray to GAWD that her team gets it right! I also need Kelly and Queen Bey to at least give their girl a mention on their Instagram or something! I mean damn!(I looked there is nothing! SHADE TREE!) Kelly, I know you probably are suffering from pregnancy brain, but whomever runs your Instagram page needs to get on their job! Bey, I know your on vacay with Jay and Blue Ivy, but can your girl Michelle get a post on your IG as well, instruct your minions to post something! Help your DC3 sister out. Solange too! Help your sister with her coinage.

Final Rating 4/5

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