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My Mama & Dem Music: Zoom-The Commodores



As you already know we over here at Wait…Wait…Whut!?! love music, new and old. Hence the need to start a new feature for music that doesn’t necessarily fall into the Throwback Song of the Week category, we are going to call these features “My Mama & Dem Music” Y’all know the songs that your Mama used to play while she was cleaning the house, getting ready to go out, at the card party, or in the car on cassette or 8 track if your feeling real throwback! Y’all know the songs that you couldn’t stand to hear because your Mama played the songs over and over again! Well who would have thought that in adulthood we would grow to love and cherish these songs. Who would have thought we would know all the damn words to these songs.

“My Mama & Dem Music” will feature timeless songs that stand the test of time unlike much of what is out in music these days(no shade, but shade)! The selection for this week is, Zoom by The Commodores. This song right here! This song right here! *stomps foot* Do you hear me? As soon as this one right here starts you already know what it is!  With lyrics like:

I’d like to greet the sun each morning, and walk amongst the stars at night…”

That ladies and gentlemen is a GOTDAMN lyric, artists of today are not touching old school artists where these lyrics are concerned. Greeting the sun each morning and walking amongst the stars at night what a GOTDAMN feeling! It takes lyrical genius to come up wit something like that!  Then the song is 7  GOTDAMN minutes long, that people, is music! This is what Lionel Richie should have sung at the BET Awards 2014 when he was honored for lifetime achievement. This would have had the whole place on their seats. Please take a listen to GOOD music.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-r2_Ej7mwDE?rel=0&w=640&h=360]

Whut say you?


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