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Nene Leakes Leaving Real Housewives of Atlanta



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So…Nene Leakes has decided to leave the reality series Real Housewives of Atlanta after 8 seasons according to People Magazine. Now if we’re being honest Nene is Bravo’s biggest star. Hate her or love her you can’t deny that! It will be interesting to see how the other housewives(or not) will fare without Leakes. 

I can’t really see one housewife that will be able to rise to the occasion. The second trip they took last season without NeNe was very boring, and a lot of the conversation was about NeNe, and she wasn’t even there. While Kandi has “the most successful” spinoffs(she had to let the blogs know this because you care)  I don’t see her being able to sustain The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

I will miss Nene on RHOA, I can honestly say I may tune out if Bravo doesn’t bring the heat with new season. They honestly need to completely clean house. I could do without Cynthia and Pheadra. Kenya can stay, as much as I don’t care for her, she makes good reality TV. Claudia and Demetria were pointless. I know people will say Claudia triumphed over Nene, but if we’re being honest most of her materials came from blogs she read before filming. So yes it may have been hilarious when they showed it on TV to the untrained eye, but most of what she said I had already heard. Bottom line she wasn’t original. Porsha can stay she seems to be coming into her own, she just needs to work on her reading skills when it comes to reunions tho.

You can say what you want about Nene, but you will never say she is a dumb girl. I honestly think she stepped away to show Bravo and the other housewives her value. Nene has a reason and plan behind this decision you can bet your bottom dollar on that! Nene will be just fine with or without RHOA. She is dynamic, polarizing, and her one liners are EPIC! 

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