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New Album Releases For 2/5/15




It’s raining new music today and y’all know I always here for good music! Here is the rundown. 

  1. Still-SWV-Y’all already know I love me some SWV I have been rocking them since the 90’s and they are still out here making music. I loved the lead singles from this album. 
  2. Anti-Rihanna-After all the dramatic ass room reveals we finally get RiRi’s new album. It’s technically been out since last week on Tidal, but I’m rocking with Apple Music currently, until Beyoncé  drops so I am just listening to the album in it’s entirety. 
  3. Khalifa-Wiz Khalifa-So after Wiz Khlaifa vs Kanye West vs Amber Rose vs Fingers In The Booty Wiz drops his new album can’t promise I’ll listen to this all the way through I do like Bake Sale so we’ll see.
  4. Begin-Lionbabe-Not really familiar with them, but I’m told the female is group is Vanessa Williams’s daughter so I’ll give it a go based off that. 

Will you be picking up any of these albums? I will review Still and Anti, can’t promise reviews on the other two. 

Whut say you?


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