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[New Music] Deliver Me-Sir The Baptist Featuring Brandy


Kinfolk!!!!!!!! Brandy Rayana Norwood BETTER GOTDAMN sing!

So…gospel singer/rapper Sir The Baptist(fake Kirk Franklin) has released a new song featuring Brandy. The blawgs are saying they are an item, but I am not convinced! I won’t get into that here, I wouldn’t want to pull a Phaedra Parks and spread untruths about folk. The song is titled Deliver Me, and Brandy is singing her throat out. I was not familiar with Mr. Baptist or any of his music until now. Now I hate to say this, but I know several of my kinfolks thought the same thing I did, can we just have the Brandy vocals without Mr. Baptist’s Kirk Franklin-isms? Some of the lyrics don’t make sense, but hey Brandy is singing on it so I am HERE for it.

Brandy was raised in the church, and it may be time for a forray into gospel music for a spell, because she absolutely shines on this song. It’s always good to hear music from Brandy. I am still holding out hope for that ill-fated Brandy and Monica tour, but I won’t hold my breath(I might die) because they CLEARLY don’t want to get to the money! I mean damn even Kandi and Xscape worked through their differences so they could get to the money! Anyway check out the song below.

Whut say you?


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