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New Music: The Devil Is A Lie-Rick Ross Featuring Jay-Z



Rick ‘Tittay” Ross has linked up with Jay-Z again for another epic song. After the success of F*ckwitmeyouknowIgotit, its only right that they hit us again with more fire! Jay-Z address the illuminati rumors, the Barney’s situation, and Kendrick Lamar in one fell swoop. I am HERE for this!

Rick’s new album, Mastermind, is scheduled for release in early 2014.

Check it out:

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/125605561″ params=”color=ff6600″ width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Whut say you?



  1. As a fan, I appreciate Jay’s fresh perspectives. Take this one…I like how he introduces us to Satanism, which is not something most of us consider in our daily lives. Jay always forces us think….

  2. You’re right…I really don’t appreciate him promoting Satanism to his flock through imagery. Jay Z can’t fool me…..

    • Do this for us sir or ma’am, don’t say your a fan of something when in actuality your not. We respect your opinions and views but to pretend to be a fan(as you stated in your opening comment) just isn’t necessary. We hope you have an enjoyable holiday

  3. I’m a fan of knowledge, truth and wisdom. Truth is, Jay-Z is flagrantly promoting satanic imagery with the goal of indoctrinating the masses into the occult. I know what you may be thinking, but I’ve been hip to Jay-Z and his ilk for many many years. It’s unfortunate that the overwhelming majority of the sheeple are completely oblivious to what this man and his handlers are promoting. Take a hard look at this cover….what possibly could this offer? Why is Jay-Z peddling death? Who would even be inclined to pick this up? Stanning for Jay-Z only goes so far at some point people have to wake up. This whole presentation is deliberate and is born from darkness…but thankfully there are some amongst us who know better and are willing to inform. Remember, light is more powerful than darkness.

    • We don’t subscribe to the Jay-Z is a devil worshiper or member of the Illuminati theory. The man has stated on several occasions that he does not worship the devil and that he believes in God. The images in video and on album covers are meant to titillate the conspiracy theorists and get them talking and creating YouTube videos about the topic. It is clearly a marketing strategy that seems to be working, because this is always brought up. I am sure if we tried we could connect the imagery on this album cover to other religions, secret societies, cults, or cultures we probably could. We don’t have time for that. None of the lyrics that we have heard on Jay-Z’s albums indicate to us that he is devil worshiper, so until he comes out and says he worships the devil we will be Jay-Z fans, because he creates good music. We respect your views and opinions on this topic, but we will agree to disagree on this one.


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