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New Music: Yeezus by Kanye West(Updated)



Kanye West’s new album Yeezus(Oh…Kanye *sighs*)dropped this past Tuesday. Now normally it doesn’t take me long to form an opinion about an album, but this album here requires some cliff notes and I need Iyanla to “Fix My Life” after listening. Ima need a few more days to make sense of it all. A friend of mine told me it sounds better when if you smoke a blunt *scratches chin*

So after a few more days of processing this whole Yeezus album I will say that artistically and production wise this is some of Kayne’s best work. Now lyrically it is not Mr. West’s best work and honestly I have never looked at Kanye as a wordsmith. I look for Kanye to say some slick sh*t and for great production. If I want word play I go to Jay-Z, Nas, J.Cole, or Kendrick Lamar

The majority of the album is produced by Daft Punk, which is awesome! Before I get into what I liked on the album let me say “I Am a God” I do not like at all! I could have done without that song all together. Now on to the tracks I liked. I liked “Black Skinhead”, which I wasn’t a fan of when West performed it on SNL partly because I was scared shitless after the performance. I like the message of “New Slaves” and when the beat dropped I just about lost it. “I’m In It” is another favorite of mine while crass as all hell, I love the f*ckery of it all. My favorite track on the album is hands down is Blood On The Leaves because it samples Billie Holiday’s Strange Fruit (I am HERE for anything Billie Holiday). “Send It Up” and “Bound 2″(Come The F*ck In Uncle Charlie!) are also good as well.

Now I don’t understand why at every turn Kanye feels the need to shade the ENTIRE F*CK outta his Baby Mama Kim Kardashian with lines like:

“Black dick all in your spouse again
And I know she like chocolate men
She got more niggas off than Cochran”(Kim Kardashian’s Dad represented OJ Simpson in his murder trial)

The funny part about the whole sh*t is Kim K(America’s Vagina) clearly doesn’t realize she is being shaded at every turn, I guess that’s pregnancy brain for you. 😳

I love Kanye with his self inflated ego and all his fuckery, and expected nothing less than that from him with this album. Artistically and production wise this album is awesome, lyrically not so much.

Final Review: 🌟🌟🌟

What are your thoughts on Kanye West’s new album Yeezus?


  1. I want to hear your opinion first on the lyrics, but production-wise it’s stellar to me… It’s darker that his last solo offering, but I have a few standouts… One being “I’m In It” and also the single “New Slaves”… I would start there then shuffle…

    Side note : That Iyanla reference was hilarious!!!


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