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[New Music]High-Ledisi


Kinfolk! Ledisi is back with new music and she is feeling GOOD, feeling GREAT, how are you? The song is titled, High, which could be the first song from a new album! I am EXCITED because Ledisi is a SANGA! while some of these girls play around, L, does not! The song is a up-tempo and gives listeners a very postive vibe!

It’s clear Ledisi with lyrics like:

I’ve been thinking about time / I’ve been thinking about space / I know I might sound crazy but I’m tryin to get down in a real good space.

It’s clear that she is either in a good place or working to get there. At any rate I am HERE for anything Ledisi related, because again she is a SANGA! Take a listen below and let Ledisi make you feel High.

Whut say you?


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