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New Video: Dumb by Faith Evans



Faith Evans dropped the video for the lastest single off her album R&B Divas, which was released last fall. In the video she gives her man his waking papers.

Now let me say that Faith Evans is one of my favorite female R&B singers. I have been rocking with her since the first release on Bad Boy Records way back when, but I don’t SEE IT for this video. It looks poorly produced and very low budget. But hey who am I?

While I understand the reasons many artist go independent, this video is not up to par with what expect from Faye. You mean to tell me that some of that money from executive producing the R&B Divas reality show on TVone couldn’t be used to fund a better production. I’m thinking a major-label may be a better look for Faith because this right here won’t work.

Check out : Dumb by Faith Evans

Am I right or wrong?

Source: ThisisRnB

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