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New Video: Hot Sugar-Tamar Braxton



Tamartian Rejoice!

She!Me!Her! aka SlayMar aka Tamar Braxton has released the video for, Hot Sugar, from her highly successful second album. Tamar pulled out all the stops for the video and in her words she, “Gets Her Life!”

I fell in love with this song when I first heard it during season one of The Tamar and Vince Show, I am actually glad that this wasn’t the lead single from the album. I don’t think this would have got as much airplay as, Love and War, did. Vince knows exactly what he is doing with the rolling out of Tamar’s album. I can’t say I am fan of the wet look Tamar has going on in portions of the video, but as for the pony tail portion, I say, “Damn Ponytail!!”

Go ahead and get ratchet with Tamar and POP IT, POP IT!

Check Out The Video:


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  1. I love love love this song…..video not so much……needed something more like extra Dominatrix splashes of red, Mo hawk and made it look more like amovie….needed more sex appeal……but eh….good job


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