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New Video-You’re Mine(Eternal)-Mariah Carey



Lambs rejoice!

Mariah Carey has dropped the video for You’re Mine(Eternal), which is lifted from her upcoming album due out on May 6. In the video Mariah is singing topless covered in glitter in front of the lush background the rain forest. Trey Songz plays Mariah’s love interest and appears shirtless in the video. He is said to be hopping on the remix of this song in the near future. The song was written and produced with Rodney Jerkins.

I am not a fan of this song or the other songs that have been released as singles. I love MC and she is one of my favorites, but this here is not the move AT ALL! Back to the drawing board STAT! Not sure is taking Jermaine Dupri on as manager was the best idea, after not putting out an album in 5 years. I like the video, but the song not so much. Hopefully the album has more to offer.

Check It Out HERE

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=toOlPqXW75A?list=UUlS0wn3LPs9jdX_yt2g1k8w&w=640&h=360]

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