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Nicki Minaj’s Ex Is Dealin In Feelins On, ‘Love The Most'[LISTEN]



So…Safaree Samuels AKA Nicki Minaj’s ex boyfriend is dealin in feelins on his new song. Samuels pours out his feelings about his highly publicized break-up with Nicki Minaj. In the song he touches on the fact that the public at large had no idea he and Nicki were an item. This vastly different from this new  Omeeka(Nicki &Meek) thing! *scratches chin*

He raps about thinking Nicki would have his child. Safaree also reveals that Nicki was footing the bill, which we all kind of figured. But the bombshell for me is where he alleges Onika has used pills, Uh oh! This may not turn out good! The production doesn’t sound all that hot and Safaree delivery doesn’t move me, but hey it’s how he felt, who am I to argue or judge? *shrugs* 

All jokes aside I hope that Safaree and Nicki get back together, 12 years is a long ass time! I don’t think Nicki and Meek are a good fit, and honestly after a 12 year relationship, a break is necessary to decompress before jumping into another relationship. But hey who am I, but a blogger. Anyway, check out Safaree’s song below:

Whut say you? 


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