New Music: The Suitcase-Keeyen Martin

Kinfolk! Y’all know I’m always looking for new interesting music to listen and today is no different. Today’s new music comes from an indie artist Keeyen Martin and the project is titled “The Suitcase”. The EP contains 7 original tracks.

You’re probably asking who the hell is Keeyen Martin? He is a singer/songwriter/musician who honed his talents at Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA. He is 2013 graduate of their music program, Keeyan has previously sung background vocals for artists such as Michelle Williams (of Destiny’s Child), Rueben Studdard, Peabo Bryson, and more.

My favorite tracks are “365”and “Scared of Brave”. Check it out below:

Also check out his visual story(Thank you MJ & Beyoncé for encouraging this)

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Wait…Wait…Whut!?!:Artist To Watch: Sabrina Claudio

So….Kinfolk here I was minding my damn business and browsing the new music section on Apple Music as I normally do, and I stumbled upon a gem in the form of  a song by Sabrina Claudio titled “Confidently Lost”. The song instantly grabbed me, specifically the lyrics

I’m alone but I’m not lonely

Comfortably indulging

And trying to get to know me

I’m just an outline of what I used to be

Constantly evolving

Steadily revolving

That’s some real sh*t right there! Sabrina’s voice is haunting and pretty at the same time. This song has been on repeat all day! I can’t stop listening to it! I sent it to all my music loving friends. 

Apple Music only had that one song by her, so I had to scurry on over to Google and see if I could find more music by her. Y’all know Google never fails me! I found her SoundCloud page!

You’re welcome in advance! 

Claudio rose to fame with the help of her YouTube channel and SoundCloud page. She posted her first cover of Beyoncé’s Halo in February 2012. Not sure how I missed her, but I have found her, and she is on my list of artists to watch. She hails from Miami, FL. Her voice precedes her 20 years of age. If she is giving this much feeling and emotion at this age, just wait until she really goes through something in life, if she hasn’t already! 

Sabrina Claudio is destined for success if she continues with this caliber of music!


Whut say you!?!

Grammys 2017 Review

Kinfolk the Grammys came on tonight. Did y’all watch? I did, and I am here to give you my two cents.

Adele opened the show with “Hello”, and they didn’t f*ck up her sound this year. She gave a solid performance. 

James Cordon’s opening was cheesy. I would have much rather him done a Carpool Karaoke with an artist he hasn’t featured, but anything is better than James Todd AKA LL Cool J(he had a run)

The best performance of the night goes to Beyoncé the image below pretty much sums it up way better than I ever could:

I just have one questions for anyone who hates on Beyoncé for no GOOD reason, who hurt you? I just wanna know!?! I won’t argue with deaf and blind people, it’s morally wrong. She was the highlight for me. I’m sure many disagree, but I own this domain, so you’ll deal!

Bruno Mars performed “That’s What I Like” which is my jam and gave us a good ole Jodeci-esque harmony at the end!  Bruno also channeled Prince perfectly performing “Let’s Go Crazy” in tribute to The Purple One. Morris Day and The Time was just happy to be on the stage. The Grammys got it right with this tribute. Unfortunately they didn’t do so well with The Bee Gees tribute. I love Tori Kelly and and Demi Levato, but was there no one else available for this tribute and are these two going to be out go-to performers for all tributes going forward? The Bee Gees deserved BETTER!

The other best performance of the night goes to Chance The Rapper. He gave a rousing performance featuring Tamala Mann, who decided to channel Ursula from The Little Mermaid for Black History Month and Kirk Franklin. It’s amazing to see this young man’s rise to stardom as an independent artist. I am looking forward to see what he does next. 

As I said previously they didn’t f*ck up Adele’s sound at the open, but she didn’t fare so well when she was performing her tribute to George Michael. It was so bad she had to stop and start over. I don’t blame her for starting over. Let’s be clear, only artists of a certain caliber can get away with that and she is one of them! 

That’s about all I have for The Grammys, it honestly wasn’t that spectacular of a show. It did have highlights and some lowlights(the sound man needs to be fired) Because I love music I will continue to watch and wade through the muck to see the good!

Full List of Grammy Winners can be found HERE

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[LISTEN]New Music The Let Out-Jidenna Featuring Quavo

Fresh off his  guest role on Issa Rae’s Insecure and just in time for Black History Month, “Classic Man” Jidenna is back with new music featuring Quavo from Migos. The song is titled “The Let Out” and basically speaks to running late for the club and just deciding to go the “The Let It Out” or “The Fall Out”

I’m sure you’re all familiar with this, if not it’s  when the club let’s out and guys are trying to shoot their shot and girls are deciding which one may be the one tonight *Michelle Williams Voice*

The song is just okay for me, I prefer some of Jidenna’s previous songs. But anything with any member of Migos I’ll give a listen to. I am wondering is Quavo setting himself to go solo with this solo appearance. He is the most recognizable from member of Migos, but I hope they can make it work.

Take a listen below:


<a href=””>The Let Out (feat. Quavo) – Jidenna</a>

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Lauryn Hill Offers Another Sorry Ass Apology For Arriving Late To Her Concert

Are we surprised!?!

Another day, another late arrival, what a time to be alive! How Lauryn Hill is still able to book stages is beyond me, but apparently she had a concert in Pittsburgh to which she…wait for it…wait for it…arrived 3 hours late to. Now why concert goers are surprised or even upset doesn’t really make sense to me. Maya Angelou said it best, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them!” Lauryn Hill has on several occasions shown up obscenely late to several concerts. She showed y’all who she was, and y’all still bought tickets hoping this one time she would show up on time. No such luck!

Reportedly the band, the instrumets, the lights, the chair, and the curtains all arrived on time, but Lauryn just couldn’t make it on time! I don’t know if her chakras were out of balance or what. An artist has one time to waste my time and my coins, and were done! Unless there is a natural disaster. I’ll enjoy you on Apple Music and that be it! 

At any rate, Lauryn wanted to apologize to her Pittsburgh fans. Check out what she had to say below:

Whut say you!?!

If You’re So “Unbothered” by Beyoncé, Why Is Her Name Always In Your Mouth? 

Let me start off by saying it’s completely okay to not like, listen to(even though you secretly do), or understand Beyoncé. I’ll never understand how one could deny her talent, her work ethic, and just her general awesome-as-fuckness #blackgirlmagic, but that’s a conversation I won’t be having with nonsensical/miserable haters for lack of better words. The problem I have is when you wish death upon someone’s unborn children. Who the f*ck raised you computer thugs? Y’all know GOT DAMN well half the shit y’all use Twitter/Instagram/Facebook fingers to say, you would never dare say in person!

Now I am the first to make a joke about your favs, but never would I ever wish death upon their unborn child, family, etc. Who the f*ck hurt you? Did you not get enough hugs as a child? Do you need something more constructive to do with your time? I could Google some things for you to do! Because wishing death upon someone’s unborn child is not productive or warranted, PERIOD! 

Beyoncé has done nothing to you deplorable humans. All she does is be a wife, mother, singer/songwriter, philanthropist, and be awesome as fuck! She also BOOKS and SLAYS stages effortlessly, and generally shits on your fav’s entire lives! These are FACTS not #alternativefacts. You’re favs could possibly never and you’re mad about it. Admit it! 

Maybe you’re favs would be further in their careers if y’all channeled all this negative energy y’all direct at Beyoncé into buying your their albums, helping them book a stage, helping finance some voice lessons, or helping them find some stage presence. Those are just a few, I could go on, but I won’t! Know that the list is long as f*ck!

Again it’s COMPLETELY okay to not like, listen to, or understand the phenomenon that is Beyoncé, no one is asking you to go up for her in the way that the Beyhive does! I get it, you don’t understand why we go in panic mode about all things Beyoncé, and that’s fine. There are some things you just won’t understand, and you just have to be okay with that. We’re okay with your favs being mediocre and putting out lackluster albums and giving basic ass stage shows. Someone has to be number 2,3, and 4. 

NEVER is it ok to wish harm upon a unborn baby or a person for that matter. Please get y’all some business! When all else fails, shade Beyoncé, I guess!?! You do know it’s perfectly fine to just keep the f*ck quiet and say nothing, that sh*t is free 24/7. If you’re so “unbothered” by Beyoncé then why in the ENTIRE f*ck would you waste your time making a negative remarks about her? I think I know the answer, you want some attention and the only way people will pay your miserable asses some attention is if you state mean and horrible untrue things about Beyoncé.

Jokes are fine, I am always HERE for a good joke, but when it goes to a place of evilness, that shi*t ain’t cool! So I’ll say this and I’ll move on, it costs you absolutely nothing to sh*t the fuck up! Beyoncé will continue be awesome as fuck, the Beyhive will continue to go up for her, and your favs will continue to TRY to get to her level. Sadly they could never, but who’s keeping count? When you’re fav comes across my timeline I just keep scrolling, and you should do the same when Beyoncé come across yours, since you’re so “unbothered”

Oh and one last thing just because a person patakes in celebrity news, reality TV, or etc. that does not mean that said person is completely oblivious to current events! We just need a break from the current shit show Sir Cheeto is putting on. It’s POSSIBLE to be informed about multiple topics at THE SAME DAMN TIME! So all you fake “WOKE” people go lay down! 

Y’all be blessed! 

[Review]Awaken, My Love!-Childish Gambino


Kinfolk! I know it’s been a long time and I shouldn’t have left you, y’all know the rest. Many things have transpired and my lap top is shitty(anyone have the plug on the new Mac Book Pro) At any rate I am back to review some new music. Y’all know I love to register my opinion on music, entertainment,reality television, and all things in between. This time is no different, so let’s get into it! Continue reading

Grammy Nomination Are In! Beyoncé and Adele Face Off

Kinfolk the 2017 Grammy nominations are in! Beyoncé and Adele are facing off for Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Album of the Year. Both artists are a forces to reckoned with, Adele’s “Hello” and Beyoncé “Formation” were the soundtrack for 2016. This should be a good competition . I love both artist immensely, but I would lying if I said I didn’t care who won. Y’all already know I want Bey to win in all categories, but if she lost to Adele I wouldn’t be totally pissed, because Adele is also a favorite of mine and formidable competition.

Beyoncé has 9 nominations, followed by Aubrey(Drake),(Robyn) Rihanna, and Kanye West with 8 nomination apiece and Chance the Rapper with 7. This should be an interesting show, I wonder who will open and who is on deck to perform, I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

The Grammys will air February 12 at 8 p.m. James Cordon of Carpool Karaoke fame will replace LL Cool J as the host *raises hands in total praise*. The event will take place at the Staples Center in Los Angles 

 Complete list of nomination can he found HERE

Whut say you?

[PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram @beyonce/@adele]

Five Things We Learned From The 2016 Soul Train Awards


Kinfolks! The 2016 Soul Train Awards have come and gone, and I am here to give “5 Things We Learned From The 2016 Soul Train Awards”

1. Erykah Badu Needs To Host From Now On

Erykah Badu hosted the awards again this year and she did an amazing job! She has great comedic timing. Her comedy is not forced, and it comes off very naturally. I could really see her doing her own sketch comedy show.  BET let’s see if we can make that happen. Her skits fit very well into the show. She even retweeted one of my tweets, and that made my entire night! Thanks Erykah! Continue reading