10 Things We Learned From The 2017 BET Awards 

Kinfolks! The BET Awards 2017 have come and gone! There was some good,  some bad, and some ugly. I am here to cut through the bullsh*t and give you “10 Thing We Learned From The 2017 BET Awards” like to hear it here it go! Continue reading


[WATCH]Tamar Braxton Sing New Single ‘My Man’ at Revel’s Rhythm & Chew In Atlanta 


She! Me! Her! AKA Slaymar AKA Tamar Braxton was in town last night singing her throat out at Revel’s Rhythm & Chew event last night, and although I couldn’t be there it’s always good to have a good friend in the building to send you some footage!

Estine ran through a few songs, but the highlight according to those in the audience was the new single ‘My Man’ which is based on her parents divorce and also from her soon to released 4th album. I can’t wait to see what she has to offer this time around. But until then check her out singing her throat out and not being bothered by #paperbacktoya 

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5 GIFs You Need To Have In Your #CLAPBACK Arsenal

Kinfolks! Group chat is the way of the world. It’s the way we communicate with friends and family. Inevitably someone in the chat is going to come for you, when of course you didn’t call them! But fret not kinfolks I am here with 5 gifs that you must have in your arsenal to combat habitual line steppers and triers of your life!

  1. When you’re minding your business in the group chat and going about your day and one of the members of the chat calls you out for no reason:

This pretty much let’s everyone know that you are not for the BS!

2. When someone in the chat says something to get a rise out of you, but you give zero f*cks!:

This one pretty much let’s all concerned parties know that you are unbothered!

3.  When you’ve said what you said! And you’re done talking! Use this one:

Then follow up with this one:

They’ll catch your drift.

4. When a member of the group chat is being read for filth, and you’re trying to keep from laughing:

Just sip your drink and mind your business, so that you don’t get pulled into the fray.

5. When you’ve had enough of the shenanigans and you want to get straight to the point!:

This one is necessary and self explanatory.

Add these to your gifs to your arsenal and you should be ready to fight off that inevitable group chat attack with no problem!

You’re welcome!

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Kinfolks! If you didn’t know already on last week’s broadcast of HBO’s Real Time With Bill Mahr(RTWBM), the host used the N-word while interviewing a Republican Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska. When I first heard him say the word while watching the live broadcast, I had to run it back just to make sure I heard him correctly. Now I wasn’t surprised or upset for that matter, because I am not that naive to think that white people never say the word in private. What surprised me is the fact that he let it slip on live television. Mahr is known for being an asshole and saying sensational things to get a rise, but this time he really stepped in it.

Of course he got on the “internets” to make an apology, most likely after the brass at HBO called him and forced him to do so.

“Friday nights are always my worst night of sleep because I’m up reflecting on the things I should or shouldn’t have said on my live show,” Maher said in a statement. “Last night was a particularly long night as I regret the word I used in the banter of a live moment. The word was offensive, and I regret saying it and am very sorry.”

Do I really care about his apology? No. Was it genuine? No. Do I feel like Bill Mahr is a racist? No. Do I feel like he should be fired? No, because we have a man(imbecile) running the country who has said far worst. Do we have to forgive Bill Mahr? No. Are black people allowed to be upset with Mahr? Yes. Can white people put a time limit on the outrage black people feel from Mahr using the word? No. The bottom line is Bill Mahr got too familiar, and has most likely been around black people who have allowed him to use this word. They have done him a great disservice, by not informing him “that shit” ain’t cool outside of our company, and you might get f*cked up for using that word.

So after the backlash Mahr continued his apology tour on this week’s episode RTWBM. He brought Dr. Micheal Eric Dyson on to co-sign his bullshit, and the whole exchange seemed disingenuous.

Ice Cube was also on the show and he “chastised(coddled)” Mahr. While I respect Ice Cube and everything he has accomplished in his career, I don’t look to him to be able dissect race issues in America. There were so many other people Mahr could have brought on to really discuss this issue, but clearly that was not the goal of this broadcast. Mahr seemed somewhat annoyed with Ice Cube that he was being taken to task for his use of the N-word, because “He apologized!” for God’s sake!

Symone Sanders however better articulated the problem with Bill Mahr’s use of the N-word. We needed more people like her to really drive the point home for Mahr and his white viewers. At the end of the day this whole episode was the song and dance the corporate machine behind RTWBM made Bill Mahr participate in. If he had a choice I honestly don’t think he would have addressed it at all. It would have been business as usual on RTWBM.

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Reginae Carter: Spoiled Brat? Or Just Defending Her Parents?


Kinfolks! So if you didn’t know already I am reality show addict. My newest addiction is Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta(GUHHATL) on WeTv. The shows features Shad Moss(Lil Bow Wow),Zonique Pullins(T.I. and Tiny),Shaniah Mauldin(Jermaine Dupri), Ayana Fite(DJ Hurricane), Brandon Barnes(Debra Antney), and Reginae Carter(Lil Wayne & #paperbacktoya). Continue reading

Sad News: Body of Former NFL Player James Hardy Found In Indiana River


Kinfolks! I have sad news to report, the body of former NFL Player James Hardy was found in an Indiana River according to News-Sentinel

The athletes cause of death has not been determined and is under investigation by the Allen County coroner’s office.

According to TMZ, his family reported him missing May 30.  The Fort Wayne, Indiana native played for the Buffalo Bills for the 2008 and 2009 seasons. The Bill’s sent their condolences via Twitter

Hardy was only 31-years old. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.



Chokwe Antar Lumumba is now mayor-elect of Jackson, Miss., beating Republican opponent Jason Wells with 98 percent of the vote. He won in a landslide victory. Lumumba ran on a progressive platform that included creating a civilian law enforcement review board, reforming public school education pedagogy and prioritizing businesses owned by people of color for city contracts. Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: Party Don’t Stop-Mia X Featuring Master P & Foxy Brown


Kinfolks! It’s Throwback Thursday, and the song is Party Don’t Stop by Mia X featuring Foxy Brown. The song is from Unlady Like released in 1997.

The song dropped when No Limit Records was at its pinnacle, before Cash Money blew up! The song features Master P of course and my fav Foxy Brown. The song is southern hip-hop meeting east coast hip-hop at it’s best! Check it out:

Say Whut Nah!?!: Mom Let’s Snake Bite Baby To ‘Teach A Lesson’

Kinfolks! The f*ckery is real today! Apparently some kid’s mom allowed a snake to bite her child in Highland County, Florida to ‘To teach a lesson’. She hopped her dumb ass on Facebook and posted a video of said rat snake biting her 1-year-old. According to WSB-TV. 
The mom says she has no regrets after letting the snake bite her child,

“It had bitten me and my son and didn’t leave a mark, several times,” she said to WFTS. “So, I thought it was a good opportunity to introduce her without actually getting hurt.”

Watch the report HERE

The mother said her daughter was not hurt because the snake has teeth “too small to actually puncture the skin” Her intention was to teach her child a “valuable lesson” on how to handle reptiles.

I’m not sure how much of the lesson this 1-year-old comprehended, but I am definitely not here to tell people how to parent, but ma’am really!?!

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Seven Streeter Unveils ‘Girl Disrupted’ Album Cover, Confirms July 7 Release Date 

Kinfolks! My fav Sevyn Streeter has unveiled the cover of her upcoming album ‘Girl Disrupted’ she also revealed a July 7 release date, just in time for the summer, this date is also her birthday.  It’s seems like forever since her last album dropped and apparently that is because she has experienced some ups and downs during the album creation process.

She shared the following with her fans on Instagram:

7•7•17 <G I R L D I S R U P T E D > LET THE COUNTDOWN BEGIN!!! To all of my ride or die azz fans, I love & appreciate all of your support and patience, so it's only right to give you the album on my bday🎂. The last year & a half has been an emotion rollercoaster for me. Lots of ups & downs, but I poured every ounce of it into my album! I've loved, lost & tried to LOVE again! I've been loyal to people who said fuq me & didn't return the LOYALTY! I've made the conscious choice to clear my life of anything that stood in the way of my LIBERATION and came out a better woman on the other side of it all! I'm freer than I've ever been! Happier than I've ever been! Wiser than I've ever been! Feel sexier than I've ever felt & give even less fuq's than I ever thought I could🖕🏾All of which I owe to this album! If you've ever been thru some shii, going thru some shii or just need to hear some good shii….allow me to pay it forward on my birthday, 7•7•17…..LETS DISRUPT SOME SHII👌🏾 #GIRLDISRUPTED

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I can’t wait to see what Sevyn has cooked up for us, but until then get into one of my favorite songs by her below:

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