Throwback Thursday: Party Don’t Stop-Mia X Featuring Master P & Foxy Brown


Kinfolks! It’s Throwback Thursday, and the song is Party Don’t Stop by Mia X featuring Foxy Brown. The song is from Unlady Like released in 1997.

The song dropped when No Limit Records was at its pinnacle, before Cash Money blew up! The song features Master P of course and my fav Foxy Brown. The song is southern hip-hop meeting east coast hip-hop at it’s best! Check it out:


Say Whut Nah!?!: Mom Let’s Snake Bite Baby To ‘Teach A Lesson’

Kinfolks! The f*ckery is real today! Apparently some kid’s mom allowed a snake to bite her child in Highland County, Florida to ‘To teach a lesson’. She hopped her dumb ass on Facebook and posted a video of said rat snake biting her 1-year-old. According to WSB-TV. 
The mom says she has no regrets after letting the snake bite her child,

“It had bitten me and my son and didn’t leave a mark, several times,” she said to WFTS. “So, I thought it was a good opportunity to introduce her without actually getting hurt.”

Watch the report HERE

The mother said her daughter was not hurt because the snake has teeth “too small to actually puncture the skin” Her intention was to teach her child a “valuable lesson” on how to handle reptiles.

I’m not sure how much of the lesson this 1-year-old comprehended, but I am definitely not here to tell people how to parent, but ma’am really!?!

Whut say you?

Seven Streeter Unveils ‘Girl Disrupted’ Album Cover, Confirms July 7 Release Date 

Kinfolks! My fav Sevyn Streeter has unveiled the cover of her upcoming album ‘Girl Disrupted’ she also revealed a July 7 release date, just in time for the summer, this date is also her birthday.  It’s seems like forever since her last album dropped and apparently that is because she has experienced some ups and downs during the album creation process.

She shared the following with her fans on Instagram:

7•7•17 <G I R L D I S R U P T E D > LET THE COUNTDOWN BEGIN!!! To all of my ride or die azz fans, I love & appreciate all of your support and patience, so it's only right to give you the album on my bday🎂. The last year & a half has been an emotion rollercoaster for me. Lots of ups & downs, but I poured every ounce of it into my album! I've loved, lost & tried to LOVE again! I've been loyal to people who said fuq me & didn't return the LOYALTY! I've made the conscious choice to clear my life of anything that stood in the way of my LIBERATION and came out a better woman on the other side of it all! I'm freer than I've ever been! Happier than I've ever been! Wiser than I've ever been! Feel sexier than I've ever felt & give even less fuq's than I ever thought I could🖕🏾All of which I owe to this album! If you've ever been thru some shii, going thru some shii or just need to hear some good shii….allow me to pay it forward on my birthday, 7•7•17…..LETS DISRUPT SOME SHII👌🏾 #GIRLDISRUPTED

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I can’t wait to see what Sevyn has cooked up for us, but until then get into one of my favorite songs by her below:

Whut say you?

Sad News: Missing Florida Girl Naomi Jones Found Dead In Creek

Kinfolks it with a heavy heart that I must inform you all the the body of 12-year-old Naomi Jones was found in a creek in Florida, miles from her her home.

Our thoughts and prayers are with this family during this difficult time. Check out the full story HERE

Let’s all stop and say a prayer for Naomi’s family and friends. Kinfolk please cherish your loved ones as you never know when they may no longer be here.

Prayers up!

Artists You Should Be Listening To: Ravyn Lenea


Kinfolks! Y’all know I am always looking for new and interesting artist to listen too as I love music. I was checking out and stumbled upon an article centered around new and upcoming artists, so you know I had to click. After clicking on several of the YouTube videos featured in the article. I discovered Ravyn Lenae, so quite naturally I scurried over to my trusty Apple Music app to listen to more of her music. Continue reading

Throwback Tuesday: Up Jumps The Boogie-Timbaland and Magoo Featuring Missy Elliott & Aaliyah 

We gon show you how we party! 

Kinfolks! The The Throwback Tuesday song is “Up Jumps da Boogie” which is the debut single by hip-hop duo Timbaland & Magoo, released on July 11, 1997, as the first single from their debut studio album, Welcome to Our World. The track features rapper/singer/producer/visonary Missy Elliott and the late R&B singer Aaliyah. 

This song has to be one my favorite songs from the 90’s Missy’s verse timeless and I can recite it word for word to this day! Aaliyah shined on the hook. Man listen this was the golden era of music! Missy, Timbaland, and Ginuwine really need to get back together again and work together! 

Take a listen below:

Whut say you?

Monday Movie Rewind: The Break Up(Dinner Scene)


Kinfolks! So I will be trying out new features on the website. One new feature will be “Monday Movie Rewind” where I will feature classic scenes from some of my favorite movies. This week’s scene is the famous dinner scene from ‘The Break Up‘, starring Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston. This scene has me in tears each and every time I watch it! The lead singer of  ‘The Tone Rangers’ didn’t play wit y’all!

“Come, come with the kick drum…”

Watch this hilarious scene below:

Whut say you?

Watch Blue Ivy’s Ballet Recital Performance


Beyhive Rejoice! The Creole Gawds have smiled down upon us!

Kinfolks! Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s daughter Blue Ivy Carter is out here being great and sh*t! She is out her following in her famous parents foot steps and giving all the loyal followers of the Beyhive a Laurieann “BOOM KACK” Gibson style 8 count to Earth, Wind, and Fire’s iconic song, September. TMZ nabbed footage of the dance recital and we are HERE for it! And before the haters start yapping about why we care so much, let’s remember that we don’t want to see what Lil Timmy drew in art class or what a mess he made at the house, while we’re trying to heat up our lunch in the break room, but we grin and bear it! So you will DEAL! Continue reading

Enough Already With The 90’s and 00’s TV Show Reboots!


Kinfolks! First it was Girl Meets World(Boy Meets World), and then it was Fuller House(Full House), and now a Sister, Sister reboot! Knock it off! Are there no new ideas for shows out here!?! Leave my childhood shows the ENTIRE f*ck alone! I tried to watch Girl Meets World, and I really couldn’t get into. I tried to watch Fuller House, and yeah…NOT HERE FOR IT! I am all for trip down memory lane with Minnie Ripperton playing in the background, but inevitably with these reboots what tends to happen is the magic that once was, is no longer there! You can’t recreate it!

The only way that a Sister, Sister reboot or any other show from the 90’s/2000’s would honestly work is the creators completely reimagined the show, which I really hope is the plan. Tia and Tamera are GOOD and GROWN, and a show centered around them being goofy and awkward as they were on the original series would not work in the current climate of America today. Now what would be interesting is if somehow they figured out how to work in the some of the issues currently plaguing the black community into the storyline (i.e. Black Lives Matter, police brutality,etc.) but dealt with it in smart and comical way.

While I want everyone ‘get the bag’ out here in these streets, enough already with the reboots! There are so many creatives on the internet and social media that deserve a chance to shine, while Hollywood is out her recycling old ideas, and f*cking up my childhood memories! Let’s see if we can’t come up with new stories to tell, and leave well enough alone! Rebooting these show is like this last TLC  album, we don’t want it!(Well maybe some of y’all want it because y’all gave Tionne and Rozonda y’all coins)

Whut say you?

New Music: Chi Chi-Azealia Banks


Kinfolks! Now I normally don’t see it for Azealia Banks because her opinions most times over shadow her talents, causing severe side-eyes from me and and others, but Ms. Banks has released a new song titled ‘Chi Chi’, and I must give credit where credit is due, I like the song! It’s a solid hip hop track, and Banks gives us bars. Now if she could just give us good music and keep her outlandish behavior to minimum, she may be on to something. Continue reading