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Podcasts That You Need In Your Life: Part II


As a person whose job requires a lot of travel, podcasts have become a life saver! When I am not in the mood for music or books, podcasts are my go to form of entertainment. I am always looking for new and interesting podcasts. I will highlight podcasts that I am currently listening to: 

The Friend Zone

This podcast features bloggers HeyFranHey, Assante, Dustin Ross. On this podcast this group  explores mental hygiene, because who wants a musty brain? They cover topics ranging from relationships to skin care. This podcast is very refreshing and definitely one to listen if you want to escape the normal celebrity gossip filled blogosphere. New episodes are available every Wednesday.

Last Name Basis

A weekly podcast hosted by internet personality/blogger/actress Franchesca & her lawyer husband Patrick. Each week they discuss what’s going on in the world along with what’s happening in their lives as a married couple. This podcast is quirky, but in a cool sort of way. I enjoy the dynamic between Francheaca and Patrick. I have followed Francheaca for a longtime on YouTube and Tumblr. It’s so inspirer into to see development. Definitely check this one out!

Keep It Civil With Karen Civil 

On this podcast blogger/entrepreneur Karen Civil brings you breaking stories in the hip hop industry & interviews with some of today’s biggest stars. Karen Civil is a entertainment blogger/entrepreneur that I look up to. She has built her brand from the ground up and this podcast only adds to her already amazing brand! Definitely take a listen!

Bevy Says

You probably know Bevy Smith from Bravo’s Fashion Queens, which was unceremoniously canceled. Bevy is my “auntie” in my head, she is always funny and opinionated. Never afraid to SAY exactly what’s on her mind and she certainly knows her stuff. On her weekly podcast, Bevy sounds off on everything from fashion to current events to women’s issues: no topic is off limits. If you liked her on Fashion Queens, you’ll definitely enjoy this one. Take a listen!

Also check out my other post “Podcasts You Need In Your Life!” for other interesting podcasts you should be listening to!

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