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Podcasts You Should Be Listening To: Gettin’ Grown


Kinfolks! The Loud Speakers Network has done it again, with the Gettin’ Grown podcast! I am always searching for new and interesting things to listen whether it be books on Audible or new Podcasts on iTunes because I travel extensively for my job. So I need something to occupy me while I’m driving, when the radio isn’t enough.

Gettin Grown’ features Keia and Jade who are two happy and hard working (Blackity) Black women who are just trying to learn how to adult, for real. When adulting gets to be too much! Join them each week for “Kitchen TableTalk” and “Petty Peeves”

The podcast is refreshing and insightful so when you get a chance check it out HERE y’all know I wouldn’t steer y’all wrong. Also follow them onTwitter:@JadeofallJades,@Nothinbuttreble, @gettingrownpod

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